Monday, September 28, 2009

Ground Zero: five stars!

Lovely news to start off the day: GROUND ZERO has just been given a five-star review at Rainbow Reviews ... am "tickled pink" as you'd expect. Hence the blog post! So --

Here's the review;
Here's the book itself (which is available in about 20 ebook formats, and is due in paperback next month, via Amazon, Target OnLine and so forth).

In other news, ICE, WIND AND FIRE is virtually through the OCR process, and (this is where it gets exciting) the cover is being designed at this moment.

I'm also "in talks" with DreamCraft to become an editor with them in 2010. They're slowly, sloooooowly, making the changeover from multimedia studio to publisher -- apparently there's more money and less gray hair and stomach ulcers in online publishing than in multimedia (big "duh" factor there). Stay tuned for developments ...!


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