Sunday, August 1, 2010

UMBRIEL ... Keegan's latest, launching today

Mel Keegan and Jayne DeMarco
Feeling is believing

New on August 1, from DreamCraft,
and premiering an exciting new partnership in m/m fiction...

On the high moors, lonely, storm-swept and silent, stands the ruin of Saint Martin's Abbey. On a summer's afternoon, a feeling of deep peace surrounds the ruin, yet the the broken walls conceal a dark secret, a tragic mystery dating back many centuries. And in the region the abbey has earned quite a reputation. Mention St. Martins to the locals and they'll give you an odd look at once and say, "You know it's haunted."

When Rick Gray buys Rokeby cottage in the nearby village of Little Swinvale, all he's looking for is the peace and quiet to find himself again, after years of working -- succeeding -- in the difficult, demanding trade of the professional photographer. A storm is looming, close to sundown. The lighting conditions are perfect for the kind of spectacular images which have made him famous. Against all advice, he heads out to the abbey to work fast while the light holds...

And when it fades, a tiny fragment of the mystery of St. Martin's finds its way into his hands.

He calls himself John -- just John. For Rick, it's love a first sight. And the next twenty-four hours of his life will be beyond anything he ever imagined. If he had not seen and felt it all with his own senses, he would never have believed it.

But seeing ... feeling ... is believing.

•Mel Keegan and Jayne DeMarco
•Published by DreamCraft
•ISBN: 978-0-9807092-5-4
•44,000 words
•Cover: Jade
•Heat level: 3.5
•Ebook: $5.50
•Ebook formats: PDF for PC/MAC, Kindle (for Kindle & iPad)
•epub and screenreader versions due soon: stay tuned.
•Release date: August 1, 2010
•Read an excerpt online right here! (Caveat: adult themes; glbt content)

Grab the PDF ebook to suit PC, Mac, desktop and laptop:  Add to Cart
Grab the PDF ebook designed to suit screenreaders
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DreamCraft is working on an epub version, and within a week you'll be able to download this book in formats to suit your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and so on. Remember, Kindle and iPad read PDFs too, and iPad also reads Kindle. Convenient, right?!


This marks the first collaboration between myself and the extraordinarily talented Jayne DeMarco, and I want to say right here, it's been a real pleasure. I come up with so many storylines -- in fact, such a constant rush of them, for years now I haven't even been bothering to even jot them down. This will probably change, because Jayne is a joy to work with, a damn' fine writer, who has a way of taking an idea of mine, running with it, and sending it back to me next month with not only the bones in place but a lot of gorgeous flesh on those bones.

UMBRIEL is one of my storylines from waaaay back, but the truth is, if it had been left to me, this story would never have seen light of day. I simply don't have the time to write the short pieces. I have NARC, Hellgate, vampyres, swordsmen and a whole lot more happening, and my writing time is earmarked for years and years to come.

Jayne, however, has time and is a self-confessed creature of inspiration. Put another way, when inspiration bites, she writes, and she actually does like to take someone else's core idea and run with it. For example, some of you will have had the very great pleasure of reading DON'T GO AWAY, which is actually a free download on GLBT Bookshelf at this time (if you've missed it, click this, and enjoy). This lovely little piece was inspired by a series of renders posted to the 3D Adventures blog by our cover artist, Jade -- who certainly needs no introduction here. The Two J's work on opposite ends of the creative connection. One reads or hears words and renders up the most dazzling artwork I've seen in a long, long time. The other sees images and is inspired to write some of the most evocative and charming fiction being produced today ... and luckily for us, it's what the reading world has come to call "m/m" -- which is not acronymical for murder and mayhem! If you missed JD's debut story back in March, you missed a damned good read. (Click here and catch up.)

So keep a weather eye out for more collaborations between Keegan and DeMarco. At this point I can't tell you want or when, but I know it's out there. In the meantime, here is a new story which comes right out of the blue, and I'm completely delighted to be sharing the cover credits with a writer who will be very well respected in the years to come.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Keegan for your iPhone and Android -- save 25%!

Want to get Keegan on your iPhone or Android, and save 25% in the process? During July 2010, you can!

Click right here to see the range of Keegans available in these formats -- at this time it's about half the list, and the others will be issued for these special applications by Christmas this year.

Here's where the magic happens: when you click to order you'll be checking out via the Smashwords server, and all you need to do to score the 25% discount is to enter this coupon code:


...that's it! Enjoy guys. And don't forget to bookmark that pace at MK Online, because as we drive closer to Christmas all my books will be appearing on it.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

MNDSPACE ... in paperback!

If you've been waiting for MINDSPACE to be available in paperback -- today's the day you've been holding out for. The proof arrived this morning, and the book is available direct from the manufacturer:

Author: Mel Keegan
Cover: Jade
Publisher: DreamCraft
95,000 words
248 pages
Price in paperback: $21.50
(plus p&h)
Buy now in paperback *

(* this link takes you to the manufacturer's site. Purchases made there are much more lucrative to me and to DreamCraft, and right now we have an agreement: funds beyond what we'd earn from a sale via Amazon will be donated to GLBT Bookshelf. So you can support the Bookshelf without even realizing you're doing it. And ... thank you kindly for same.)

MINDSPACE is also available as an ebook in the PDF format for PC or Mac, desktop or Laptop. (Due in July 2010: files designed specifically to suit iLiad, iPad, iPhone, Sony, Pam BeBook and Kindle).

as a PDF for desktop, laptop, PC&Mac

Click here to read the full blurb; and

click here to read the sample chapters.

CAVEAT: Be aware that the book is a sexy sf romp in which same-gender sensuality, realistic violence and coarse language render the text unsuitable for younger readers. For big kids -- it's a blast.

Readers who bought MINDSPACE also bought...

PLEASE CLICK THE LINKS BELOW to go directly to the specific pages -- thanks!


All Mel Keegan's titles are included in the benefit plan outlined above for Mindspace, so by buying MK SF via these links, you can support GLBT Bookshelf, and the GLBT publishing, writing and reading community, without even being aware that you've made a handsome donation -- and The Bookshelf thanks you kindly!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MINDSPACE ... launching today!

Mel Keegan
ISBN 978-0-9807092-4-7
Publisher: DreamCraft
Genre: gay science fiction
Cover: Jade
95,000 words
ebook $9.95 (out now)
paperback: $20.50 (out now)
READ FOR FREE -- Chapters 1 and 2 -- click right here

On the far frontier, life is tough when you’re a transspace pilot stripped of your license to fly. The good jobs go to graduate guildsmen who make the professional grade ... and who play by the guild’s rulebook.

Jack DiFalco broke the rules. Busted, he found himself on the wrong side of the law and the rough side of the guild -- and his crime was mindspacing … playing one of the incredible high-tech games which are changing the future of humanity. Playing not in VR, but in the gamespace, the total-immersion rigs where players enters the realm of the machine. And some of them don’t make it back out.

Kieron Charig is a transspace navigator. He went through guild school with Jack, but unlike Jack he has no patience for the game, or for gamers. Mindspacing is the major tool of the navigator’s trade – the big transspace ships are flown via a symbiotic relationship where the mind/machine interface is dangerously blurry. Kieron works there; he scorns to play there -- and like all transspace flightcrews he fears the consequences.

The irony is that it’s Kieron, not Jack, who will pay the ultimate price, while Jack is plucked out of a rough, dirty underworld and propelled into places more opulent than the games he has played. But success comes with strings attached, and at a high price. Jack will pay his dues with skill, courage and even sex. For Kieron Charig, no price is high enough, and every moment is a battle to preserve what remains of his humanity.

Everything they are, everything they might be, pivots on Max Gorodin -- who stands at the helm of the aerospace giant, Jabalpur Indistries. Max’s own struggle is about sheer survival -- and if Jack DiFalco is his dream come true, Kieron Charig is the gift he could never have expected.

Max stands at a dangerous juncture where his own personal security is dubious and his enemies seem invincible. When Jack and Kieron cross his path, his life -- and the survival plans for a company and a city – have the potential to turn around. But both Jack and Kieron must forfeit everything they have … and Max will discover that falling in love is life’s ultimate complication.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Mel Keegan Novel ... new cover ... wow!

What ... a new Mel Keegan book? Surely you jest! But no ... the book is launching in a few days, it's called MINDSPACE, and to prove it, here's the cover. The fantastic new cover. Wow. Jade has worked miracles on this. Have you seen the Adventures in 3D blog lately?!

I haven't blogged in months now -- I just don't have the time. In fact, there's so many things to talk about, one hardly knows where to begin...

So we'll make a start with the launch of my new book, plus a quick update on the HELLGATE series, and I'll just make the time somehow to blog about all manner of things -- the state of the industry, the shape of iPads to come, gay news, and a lot more.

Am I back -- will I be blogging daily, as I used to? Well, not if you want HELLGATE finished by the end of 2010! The work ahead of me is still looking like a hiking holiday through the Himalayas. In winter. But I've knocked a good dent in what needed to be done and there are still six months left. So -- we'll call this an update on how the series is going: nicely. Stay tuned. Take nothing for granted. Expect the unexpected. Don't applaud, throw money...

So what's MINDSPACE about? Well, I'll share that in another post because I just used up the entire 11.27 minute window for posting to this blog, and I have to run! I'll give you few hints right here: gay science fiction, transhumanism, gaming, revenge, survival, technology, love, war. And that's a potent mix.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jarrat and Stone are back ... and I'm stunned

Words fail me. I mean ... words ... just ... fail. What can I say? Have a look at these, and be amazed:

Ooof. It's like looking at stills from the movie. These are two "renders" out of a set of 10, all of which are online at Jade's Adventures in 3D -- and they're also uploaded at about twice this size, so go ahead, click the pic to see the larger shot. The Jarrat renders went up first, telling a scene from his POV. The Stone renders went up yesterday, telling the same scene from his POV.

They leave my fingers itching to write NARC. And I can't, because I'm churning my way steadily through Hellgate, and 2010 is about getting that whole series finished. This is sheer, unmitigated torture! I ask myself, could I possibly squeeze in a Jarrat-and-Stone short piece, something "only" around 50,000 words or so? In fact, there *is* a story which has been slated to be the high-action prologue to the next NARC novel -- and you all know what happened last time I did this. STOPOVER was supposed to be the opening "kaboom" for APHELION, and it ended up being taken right out and published on its own, because at 45,000 words it was a) too long to be an opening act, b) would have pushed the overall length of APHELION to 230,000 words, which is monstrous; and c) was quite large enough to be published as a pocket-size thriller.

Hence, I find myself literally, and enthusiastically, adrool ... and asking the question in all seriousness: can I squeeze in a NARC short, if I work, very very hard, fueled by the rush of seeing these pictures?

Stay tuned!

And please do link over to Jade's blog, where pictures like this are commonplace, what's more, she'll tell you how to do it yourself:


Thursday, February 25, 2010

ICE, WIND AND FIRE ... break out the bubbly!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one, above, only needs to say a half a dozen or so:


To be just a little more wordy about it: the proof copy of ICE, WIND & FIRE was delivered to DreamCraft a few minutes ago. It was checked thoroughly, and Jade popped this shot and emailed it over to me. I'm uploading it right now, and I can tell you that the journey to has already begun. However, if you want the paperback ahead of time, you can already get it direct from the manufacturer, CreateSpace. (Amazon takes about an extra 10 days to get a title into their catalog). If you're in a hurry, you can in fact get it right now. If you need if for a birthday, something time-sensitive, here you go:

Buy the damn' thing now!

And a heart-felt apology to Rie, who donated the copy to be quite literally guillotined out of its bindings. Rie: You are looking at YOUR copy in the above image. Jade assures the both of us, it will be back in the mail to your address tomorrow -- it's too late to make it to the post office today.

Speaking of Jade, did you see this:

This was a mockup cover done to illustrate a point she was making about how 3D art is perfect for book covers ... notice the byline. The illustrious author of this piece is one John J. Doe. I took one look at that cover and said, I WANT IT. Now, don't hold your breath, folks: I have Hellgate to finish this year, and a NARC novel to do, and MINDSPACE is being packaged very soon. But this piece here is calling to me. It's seducing me. When the book comes back your way, it probably won't be called by the same title, but you will see it wrapped around a Keegan. Because every time I look at it I get this weird feeling that whispers in the back of my writer's brain, "You know this book, you've told this story, you just have to remember what it is..."

Is that weird, or what?

Cheers, guys!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

ICE, WIND AND FIRE: the saga continues.

ICE, WIND AND FIRE: the saga continues.

No, I'm not writing a sequel ... I'm just tracking the process of trying to get a paperback proof here from CreateSpace. And it's becoming bizarre.

CreateSpace swears up and down that they shipped it to DreamCraft eons ago -- and (get this) it was returned to them as undeliverable. They quoted Jade and Dave at DC the delivery address, and it's 100% accurate. Which means that either US Mails or Australia Post chose to sling the parcel back at CreateSpace instead of delivering it.

Now, CreateSpace appear reluctant to ship another proof: Customer Service has kicked it up to the gurus in charge of their department for "investigation."

If this process gets any longer, DreamCraft will have a major problem: CreateSpace will not send a book to Amazon without a proof being delivered, checked and approved ... and if they won't ship a proof, because the post office(s) pulled the oldest trick in the book -- and took the postage before slinging the book back as undeliverable!! -- then DC won't be able to use CS to get MK to the Big A.

The solution is to revert to, obviously, and this is the next step, if CS continue to mess DC and MK around.

Well ... I'm trying to make light of this, but my patience wore thin about Christmas, when the fun began. What can I tell you? We might be switching right back to, in which case you might or might not be able to get ICE, WIND AND FIRE from Amazon, because it's rather expensive to get a book from Lulu to Amazon, and the old, old title hardly warrants the investment.

I can only keep you posted as to developments .. you WILL be getting the book on paper as soon as humanly possible, but it could be ex-Lulu. And to Rie, who sacrificed the copy which was literally destroyed to facilitate the OCR process ... my gods, I am *so* sorry about this. We'll put this situation right one way and another: trust me.

Do you want to cal it gay art? 3D Gay art? Gay 3D --?! Call it what you like, but scroll down and feast your eyes --

This one definitely begs the "Gay Art" label. Or Gay 3D, if you prefer

And again ... gay fantasy. What *is* gay art anyway? That's far from an simple question, and it's much too easy to say "porn," or "Yaoi." Gay art, surely, should be a vastly wider field, and ... between you and me, I reckon my esteemed cover artist, Jade from DreamCraft, has got the niche down. The site, Adventures in 3D, is one of the most gloriously beautiful sites I've ever seen, and if you're unaware of it, you're in for a tremendous treat. Go there now, and enjoy.