Friday, October 2, 2009


Hi guys, don't panic: DreamCraft's ISP, iPower, is having an outtage ... it's under control and will be back up before long. My main website -- Mel Keegan OnLine -- is currently showing a blank page ... doesn't mean the site has been taken down. iPower will be back "up" before long, and my website will go right back up with it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks.


Divya said...

Hi, just wondering how exactly do I download your digital book Legends? I can't find the download link.

Mel Keegan said...

The ebook is the fully finished version, with extra editing and proofing and a gorgeous cover; it's available here: ...

You can also read it free, but it was uploaded serially, in something like 75 posts:

Personally, I find it too inconvenient to read online, esp. in "segments" this way!

The ebook is also available on Kindle:

...and you can get it formatted for iPhone, Blackberry and smart phones:

Hope this helps!

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