Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mel's First Post

It's strangely appropriate for this blog to begin at this time, and with this subject. A package just arrived in the mail ... the proof copies of the new editions of the HELLGATE novels. I hadn't expected them to reach this address for another 2 - 3 weeks, because I'd assumed the printshop was in the US or possible Europe. Since Christmas of 2007, DreamCraft uses the facility, and books have always been mailed out by manufacturers in the States.

Imagine my surprise to see a Port Melbourne, Victoria postmark, and to have the books in my hands in five days after the order was placed!

To Australian readers who have been doing some serious tooth-grinding because of the costs of postage to get parcels down here from 'up yonder' -- take heart. is currently working hard to revamp their postage calculators on the order pages, and very soon they will reflect Aussie postage. This will save Australian readers quite a few dollars, and we'll all be grateful.

The new editions of the HELLGATE books are impressive, to say the least. Since can handle books up to 700+ pages, there was no need for DreamCraft to super-compress the type, so the books are 'comfortably' up there at about 360 - 370pp.

And I'm very, very impressed with the new covers. Our digital artist has hit new heights here. In fact, let me share the covers:




At this moment we're just thrashing out the last 'font issues' in the vampyre books, and then the whole Mel Keegan OnLine site relaunches.

Redesigned. Recoded. Rewritten.

The website is a tribute to the efforts of DreamCraft. Guys, I only provide some text, and the inspiration for various images. I tip my hat to DreamCraft for the rest.

Gay publishing never had it so good.

(Incidentally, 'font issues' is what calls it when your fonts vanish, drop out, go haywire, and generally get screwed up for no reason a human can understand. Personally, I think the hamsters go on strike and stop pedaling, causing the computers hiccup. They should try feeding their hamsters pistachios or macadamias. A little bribery goes a long way.

And speaking of gay publishing, next post I want to talk about where DreamCraft and I are headed (or believe we are) in the future!

Cheers for now,
Mel Keegan, waaaaaay downunder.

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