Friday, April 17, 2009

Independent publishing -- and bookselling -- rock!

I'm still on the subject of Amazon censorship -- last time, honest engine! -- and I'd like to give you something to think on.

Thanks to Vashtan at Live Journal for this:

And to pique your interest -- so that you buzz off over there and read the rest! -- here's a couple of choice paragraphs:

Amazon’s "Glitch" Myth Debunked
by Francine Saint Marie

I am the author of the LAMBDA Notable Book, The Secret Keeping [], as well as The Secret Trilogy [], Girl Trouble [] and several other popular LGBT paperbacks sold on

All of my novels have been aggressively censored by Amazon since (at least) January of 2008, when they were first released as Kindle editions and promptly rigged in the Kindle store so as not to register any sales ranks and bestselling categories, or to show up properly in Amazon search results. I have also experienced mysterious "sourcing fees" applied by Amazon to the list prices of my LGBT paperbacks, as well as the deletion of five-star customer reviews of them, the removal of their "in stock" status, and a host of other handicapping techniques which are still in effect today.

Since the first quarter of 2008 to the date hereof, I (and my team) have, in vain, relentlessly pursued Amazon about their insidious censorship of my titles. Through telephone calls, e-mails and forum posts, we have repeatedly demanded that they cease and desist burying my novels in their browse tree and otherwise hindering my sales. We have also urged them to provide all authors with "equal access" to their site features and a "level playing field" upon which to compete. As Amazon can confirm, the cry "missing sales ranks" and "discrimination" was Team Saint Marie’s mantra in 2008, and it was even the title of a widely read "thread" we posted in the Kindle publishers’ forum, which Amazon hastily deleted. Indeed, "missing sales ranks" and "discrimination" was the subject of many circular (and recorded) phone conversations with Amazon’s representatives, not to mention an awesome number of e-mails!

-----end of quote!

Now, please! Go and read the rest ... and maybe Keegan won't be sounding so paranoid.

You know me: I'm a LOUD supporter of indie anything, being it writing, publishing, film making, bookselling, the works. Indie Rules. Indie is best -- globalize the "power," beat monopolization. In my world view, it's all about human rights, of which gay rights is a crucial (in fact, watershed) subcategory.

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