Thursday, April 2, 2009

Updates from the Mel-o-Sphere

Not much doing in the Mel-o-sphere lately, but other blogs have been updated, and rather than repeat the whole lot here, let me give you the links:

This will bring you up to date with LEGENDS:
54. Zeheft is Burning (part one)
55. Zeheft is Burning (part two)
56. Zeheft is Burning (part three)
57. The Tomb of Knowledge (part one)
58. The Tomb of Knowledge (part two)
59. The Tomb of Knowledge (part three)
60. Red Sails (part one)
61. Red Sails (part two)
62. Red Sails (part three)
63. Red Sails (part four)
64. Red Sails (part five)

I finally found a spare few minutes to post to DIGITAL KOSMOS:
Reflections teasing eyes and brain
(Will be posting more very soon; work is about to hit a lull ... if it didn't, I'd be out there looking for a high building with some inviting-looking concrete at the bottom.)

And I've been over Live Journal...
Cool way to spend a morning
Good gods, they want HOW MUCH to ship it???
Google Book Search is OFF, thank gods
King Kong 5, Keegan 0

I also stumbled into something fairly interesting -- or at least potentially interesting for folks who're promoting their self-administered backlists, or who are with publishers who expect you to go out and promote your own books. Visit this: ... and/but be prepared to do a lot of reading. It's all free, meaning there's an epic to read in the form of PDFs.

My kingdom for a netbook or something similar. I long for the old days when you kicked back on the couch with a cup of tea and a cat and a book.

Lastly, many thanks to AG for running a news item on one of her blogs:
Blind and gay ... looking for a good read? At last, a Large Print Edition of Mel Keegan!
...thanks, kiddo. It all helps!

Ciao for now,


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that I was almost the only one contributing via PayPal. Yes, short installments might be burdensome, but you can wait for several to accumulate. It doesn't sound promising for serial issuance, but I'll look forward to volumes 2 and 3 as complete books. I think the story is interesting enough to complete the trilogy.

Mel Keegan said...

Hi, Ken --

In fact, the plot has hardly even started -- the first part of a large story is always the toughest, because you have a whale of a lot of backstory to pack in before you can go anywhere with it. Parts 2 and 3 really cut loose, by comparison ...

And I do thank you *very* much for those PayPal clicks! When the ebook of #1 comes out (soon), you won't be clicking any buttons for your copy: if you can give me an appropriate contact email, I'll take care of the rest. Payloadz has a "send a copy to" that works like a charm. They don't dump a large file into your inbox; they prepare a download page and send you a link to follow inside the next couple of days. Perfect.


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