Thursday, February 25, 2010

ICE, WIND AND FIRE ... break out the bubbly!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one, above, only needs to say a half a dozen or so:


To be just a little more wordy about it: the proof copy of ICE, WIND & FIRE was delivered to DreamCraft a few minutes ago. It was checked thoroughly, and Jade popped this shot and emailed it over to me. I'm uploading it right now, and I can tell you that the journey to has already begun. However, if you want the paperback ahead of time, you can already get it direct from the manufacturer, CreateSpace. (Amazon takes about an extra 10 days to get a title into their catalog). If you're in a hurry, you can in fact get it right now. If you need if for a birthday, something time-sensitive, here you go:

Buy the damn' thing now!

And a heart-felt apology to Rie, who donated the copy to be quite literally guillotined out of its bindings. Rie: You are looking at YOUR copy in the above image. Jade assures the both of us, it will be back in the mail to your address tomorrow -- it's too late to make it to the post office today.

Speaking of Jade, did you see this:

This was a mockup cover done to illustrate a point she was making about how 3D art is perfect for book covers ... notice the byline. The illustrious author of this piece is one John J. Doe. I took one look at that cover and said, I WANT IT. Now, don't hold your breath, folks: I have Hellgate to finish this year, and a NARC novel to do, and MINDSPACE is being packaged very soon. But this piece here is calling to me. It's seducing me. When the book comes back your way, it probably won't be called by the same title, but you will see it wrapped around a Keegan. Because every time I look at it I get this weird feeling that whispers in the back of my writer's brain, "You know this book, you've told this story, you just have to remember what it is..."

Is that weird, or what?

Cheers, guys!

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