Saturday, February 13, 2010

ICE, WIND AND FIRE: the saga continues.

ICE, WIND AND FIRE: the saga continues.

No, I'm not writing a sequel ... I'm just tracking the process of trying to get a paperback proof here from CreateSpace. And it's becoming bizarre.

CreateSpace swears up and down that they shipped it to DreamCraft eons ago -- and (get this) it was returned to them as undeliverable. They quoted Jade and Dave at DC the delivery address, and it's 100% accurate. Which means that either US Mails or Australia Post chose to sling the parcel back at CreateSpace instead of delivering it.

Now, CreateSpace appear reluctant to ship another proof: Customer Service has kicked it up to the gurus in charge of their department for "investigation."

If this process gets any longer, DreamCraft will have a major problem: CreateSpace will not send a book to Amazon without a proof being delivered, checked and approved ... and if they won't ship a proof, because the post office(s) pulled the oldest trick in the book -- and took the postage before slinging the book back as undeliverable!! -- then DC won't be able to use CS to get MK to the Big A.

The solution is to revert to, obviously, and this is the next step, if CS continue to mess DC and MK around.

Well ... I'm trying to make light of this, but my patience wore thin about Christmas, when the fun began. What can I tell you? We might be switching right back to, in which case you might or might not be able to get ICE, WIND AND FIRE from Amazon, because it's rather expensive to get a book from Lulu to Amazon, and the old, old title hardly warrants the investment.

I can only keep you posted as to developments .. you WILL be getting the book on paper as soon as humanly possible, but it could be ex-Lulu. And to Rie, who sacrificed the copy which was literally destroyed to facilitate the OCR process ... my gods, I am *so* sorry about this. We'll put this situation right one way and another: trust me.

Do you want to cal it gay art? 3D Gay art? Gay 3D --?! Call it what you like, but scroll down and feast your eyes --

This one definitely begs the "Gay Art" label. Or Gay 3D, if you prefer

And again ... gay fantasy. What *is* gay art anyway? That's far from an simple question, and it's much too easy to say "porn," or "Yaoi." Gay art, surely, should be a vastly wider field, and ... between you and me, I reckon my esteemed cover artist, Jade from DreamCraft, has got the niche down. The site, Adventures in 3D, is one of the most gloriously beautiful sites I've ever seen, and if you're unaware of it, you're in for a tremendous treat. Go there now, and enjoy.


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