Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Mel Keegan Novel ... new cover ... wow!

What ... a new Mel Keegan book? Surely you jest! But no ... the book is launching in a few days, it's called MINDSPACE, and to prove it, here's the cover. The fantastic new cover. Wow. Jade has worked miracles on this. Have you seen the Adventures in 3D blog lately?!

I haven't blogged in months now -- I just don't have the time. In fact, there's so many things to talk about, one hardly knows where to begin...

So we'll make a start with the launch of my new book, plus a quick update on the HELLGATE series, and I'll just make the time somehow to blog about all manner of things -- the state of the industry, the shape of iPads to come, gay news, and a lot more.

Am I back -- will I be blogging daily, as I used to? Well, not if you want HELLGATE finished by the end of 2010! The work ahead of me is still looking like a hiking holiday through the Himalayas. In winter. But I've knocked a good dent in what needed to be done and there are still six months left. So -- we'll call this an update on how the series is going: nicely. Stay tuned. Take nothing for granted. Expect the unexpected. Don't applaud, throw money...

So what's MINDSPACE about? Well, I'll share that in another post because I just used up the entire 11.27 minute window for posting to this blog, and I have to run! I'll give you few hints right here: gay science fiction, transhumanism, gaming, revenge, survival, technology, love, war. And that's a potent mix.


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