Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MINDSPACE ... launching today!

Mel Keegan
ISBN 978-0-9807092-4-7
Publisher: DreamCraft
Genre: gay science fiction
Cover: Jade
95,000 words
ebook $9.95 (out now)
paperback: $20.50 (out now)
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On the far frontier, life is tough when you’re a transspace pilot stripped of your license to fly. The good jobs go to graduate guildsmen who make the professional grade ... and who play by the guild’s rulebook.

Jack DiFalco broke the rules. Busted, he found himself on the wrong side of the law and the rough side of the guild -- and his crime was mindspacing … playing one of the incredible high-tech games which are changing the future of humanity. Playing not in VR, but in the gamespace, the total-immersion rigs where players enters the realm of the machine. And some of them don’t make it back out.

Kieron Charig is a transspace navigator. He went through guild school with Jack, but unlike Jack he has no patience for the game, or for gamers. Mindspacing is the major tool of the navigator’s trade – the big transspace ships are flown via a symbiotic relationship where the mind/machine interface is dangerously blurry. Kieron works there; he scorns to play there -- and like all transspace flightcrews he fears the consequences.

The irony is that it’s Kieron, not Jack, who will pay the ultimate price, while Jack is plucked out of a rough, dirty underworld and propelled into places more opulent than the games he has played. But success comes with strings attached, and at a high price. Jack will pay his dues with skill, courage and even sex. For Kieron Charig, no price is high enough, and every moment is a battle to preserve what remains of his humanity.

Everything they are, everything they might be, pivots on Max Gorodin -- who stands at the helm of the aerospace giant, Jabalpur Indistries. Max’s own struggle is about sheer survival -- and if Jack DiFalco is his dream come true, Kieron Charig is the gift he could never have expected.

Max stands at a dangerous juncture where his own personal security is dubious and his enemies seem invincible. When Jack and Kieron cross his path, his life -- and the survival plans for a company and a city – have the potential to turn around. But both Jack and Kieron must forfeit everything they have … and Max will discover that falling in love is life’s ultimate complication.


Anonymous said...

I just bought Mindspace and was wondering if it and Ground Zero are set in the Narc/Hellgate universe or do you just use similar names for planets, technology etc...?

Off to read :)

Anonymous said...

Having read the book, which was great as usual.
I can safely say Mindspace does takes place in the Narc/Hellgate universe so that's a plus.
Still not sure about Ground Zero though.

The only quibble I had was, it didn't end up the pairing I wanted at the end so I spent a lot of time while reading going...nonononono :)

Hoheria said...

Hi Mel - will this one be available in epub format? Hope so - really looking forward to reading it. Thanks

Mel Keegan said...

July 3, 2010 3:24 PM


You're right indeed -- Mindspace is 100 years in the future of Hellgate, which puts it 300 years after NARC and 700 years in our own future ... I'm going somehere with this!

I guess you wanted to see Jack/Kieron, or Jack/Kieron/Max -- or did you want Kieron/Max --?? There's a magic word applicable here: sequel. [sounds of wicked chuckling; bear with me]

But Ground Zero and Aquamarine are not connected to this universe; like Windrage and Tiger, Tiger, they're separate timelines -- though Tiger Tiger *might* be part of the time stream that leads eventually to NARC, Hellgate and Mindspace. Hmmm...

Yep -- the book will be out in epub format very soon; you'll be able to download it direct from the iBook store, for your iPad. It'll also be out in various other formats, including Kindle.

Anonymous said...

It Was Jack/Kieron I was rooting For :)
And sequels are always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

About to begin rereading the Narc/Hellgate/Mindspace Universe from the beginning and I was wondering if you'd thought of writing a series set before Narc about the first colonists to go out and settle/terraform the deepsky?

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