Thursday, July 1, 2010

MNDSPACE ... in paperback!

If you've been waiting for MINDSPACE to be available in paperback -- today's the day you've been holding out for. The proof arrived this morning, and the book is available direct from the manufacturer:

Author: Mel Keegan
Cover: Jade
Publisher: DreamCraft
95,000 words
248 pages
Price in paperback: $21.50
(plus p&h)
Buy now in paperback *

(* this link takes you to the manufacturer's site. Purchases made there are much more lucrative to me and to DreamCraft, and right now we have an agreement: funds beyond what we'd earn from a sale via Amazon will be donated to GLBT Bookshelf. So you can support the Bookshelf without even realizing you're doing it. And ... thank you kindly for same.)

MINDSPACE is also available as an ebook in the PDF format for PC or Mac, desktop or Laptop. (Due in July 2010: files designed specifically to suit iLiad, iPad, iPhone, Sony, Pam BeBook and Kindle).

as a PDF for desktop, laptop, PC&Mac

Click here to read the full blurb; and

click here to read the sample chapters.

CAVEAT: Be aware that the book is a sexy sf romp in which same-gender sensuality, realistic violence and coarse language render the text unsuitable for younger readers. For big kids -- it's a blast.

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All Mel Keegan's titles are included in the benefit plan outlined above for Mindspace, so by buying MK SF via these links, you can support GLBT Bookshelf, and the GLBT publishing, writing and reading community, without even being aware that you've made a handsome donation -- and The Bookshelf thanks you kindly!

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