Monday, March 23, 2009

Google Book Search is the ultimate ripoff

No kidding, folks. I just discovered that Google has been displaying my entire NARC series -- with a few pages omitted here and there to "legitimize" this ripoff.

These are MYSTERY novels ... and the endings are out there for all to see, for free. Like reading the end of the whodunnit while standing in the store, and then not bothering to buy the novel, because you already know who did it.

This is not fair; it shouldn't even be legal. This is just Google using writers at large (like yours truly) to create virtually unlimited content, so they can park their bloody stupid Adsense commercials next to material from which we're trying to earn a crust.

Then, they can make anything from 50c to $100 per click on the commercials -- while the writers get paid nothing ... and meanwhile, the END of the mystery has been displayed, so who in hell is going to buy it? Writers are going to be in the unemployment lines at this rate -- while the Google bosses get richer and richer on the commerials.

I'm steaming mad. Can't you tell?

Google has turned into a massive rip off merchant. In two words: Google sucks. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is putting it in polite terms.

Now, Keegan is in the middle of a labyrinthine process, trying to get the NARC books OUT of the book search engine. You fill a form, give the ISBNs, and --

Hope for the best. There is no human contact. They could take six months over giving me back my livelihood. There's no court of appeal. They could utterly ignore the take-down request, if they chose to, because there's no one to contact about it.

Hope for the best, right?

I'll post again if/when anything is done to remedy this situation. But I have to say, I consider the whole thing shameful.


UPDATE ON THIS POST. March 28th ...

I'm pleased to be able to report that the situation was remedied much faster than I'd anticipated, and without a big scene at Google. I did indeed receive a personal response, and the books were removed without further ado. Problem solved, and full marks to Google on the way this was handled, once I'd made my case.

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