Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ice Dreams

It's that time of the year when memory takes me to Fairbanks, Alaska ... and part of me is glad I'm not there, and part of me wishes to be there so bad, I've been looking at plane fares --

The World Ice Art Championships were just judged. This is an amazing event, held in Fairbanks every year in March. In 1999, I photographed it -- at night, under lights. Here's the rub: being a pro photographer at the time, I did it "properly." I shot transparencies. Which were all packed away safely when we moved house in 2004 ... and haven't been unpacked yet. They're in storage -- with 90% of my best pro work -- and are unlikely to be unpacked anytime soon.

So I can't show you my own ice art photos ... but I can give you a link through to the World Ice Art Championships website, and show you the winners here, in the hopes that it'll inspire you to go there and see the show!

So here is Ice Alaska (dot com, believe it or not)...

And here's the winners ... and having said that, the competition must have been close to impossible to judge, because there isn't a hair's breadth of difference between #1 and #10 ...

...and yes, it's cold beyond your concept of cold (unless your from Alaska, Finland, Siberia, Manchuria ...!), and yes, I wish I could be there again. I know. I'm weird.


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