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Mel Keegan March 2009 Newsletter

The newsletter, as dispatched from DreamCraft this morning...

Mel Keegan March 2009 Newsletter
All five NARC books are now available at Amazon!!

Before I tell you all about this wonderous event let me remind you how easy it is to subscribe or unsubscribe to this newsletter.

Just go to Mel's blog
or any of the pages at the Mel Keegan Online site
and check out the sidebars until you see big, friendly newsletter banners with sub and unsub links, no worries. With no further ado... Here's all the goodies in this newsletter:

NARC! Jarrat and Stone! At Amazon!
At last! It's the event many people -- MK included -- had begun to think would never arrive.
We've finally got all of Mel Keegan's NARC books available at Amazon. Death's Head, Equinox, Scorpio, Stopover, and Aphelion. Don't worry as this is NOT the end of Jarrat and Stone though. Mel has several more NARC stories mapped out.

We've been able to do this because CreateSpace is partnered with Amazon, so that every book that goes through them also goes through Amazon. Very Cool. We're thrilled to have finally come to this day.

Not only does each NARC book have its own page at CreateSpace with a push button shopping cart...

Death's Headhttps://www.createspace.com/3366014

But we've also put all the Amazon shopping cart buttons onthe main NARC page:

You'll notice the LuLu shopping cart buttons are still there and still active, no worries.
And of course you can just go to Amazon.com and search onyour favorite author ... Mel Keegan.

Mel Keegan: LEGENDS
Mel's foray into the world of online serial gay fiction is moving along at a brisk pace. Every day there's a new post up at the Legends blog and Book One is close to completion. (Yep, it's a trilogy, with each book ending in a solid punctuation point, so you really do reach a point where you can say, "The End" ... for now.)

Are you interested in a grand Atlantean Saga? Pop on over to:
to find out what you've been missing.

You will probably want to start at the beginning though:

Be ready to download a lot! There's currently 53 episodes online, and they're good, bite-sized chunks of reading each.

Have you checked out DIGITAL KOSMOS lately --?*****************************************
You might remember that MK began to contribute to a new photoblog a few months ago. (Mel has been aprofessional photographer for more years than you might care to remember...) The blog is Digital Kosmos, and it took us all by surprise.

There are currently more than 160 images online -- at one pic per post. How's that for a blog that went online only eight weeks ago?! The images are all astonishing, and many of the most amazing are MK's work.

Here's the url for Mel's photoblog:

Now, it's very true that MK has been working too hard to contribute much to DK lately, but the blog itself is very beautiful, and Mel will be back with rafts of images in the next couple of weeks. So ... enjoy!

You can also "follow" the photo blog and be updated when brilliant new images go online ... which is every day.

A massive thanks to Doctor Mike for keeping DK up and running while things in Keegan Country went berserk. As they calm back down to normality, we'll see more entries from MK and our cover artist, Jade.

Do you like your Kindle? We now have four Mel Keegan novels available for your Amazon Kindle, with more to come soon!

The Lords of Harbendanehttp://www.amazon.com/The-Lords-of-Harbendane/dp/B001UV4FH2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=digital-text&qid=1237857891&sr=1-1

Dangerous Moonlighthttp://www.amazon.com/Dangerous-Moonlight/dp/B001V7PR9A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=digital-text&qid=1237857891&sr=1-2

Fortunes of Warhttp://www.amazon.com/Fortunes-of-War/dp/B001V5KEHC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=digital-text&qid=1237857891&sr=1-3


And for users of the popular Mobipocket format, you'll be pleased to know that the Keegans are starting to appear there too. The first title online at Mobi is The Lords of Harbendane ... the other25 MK titles will be going up as 2009 progresses -- they'll also be appearing at Amazon, and later, at Smashwords. (We seem to have upload "issues" with Smashwords, probably due to being outside the US. These issues will be answered, and you'll find us at Smashwords before long.)

Aricia Gavrial at large:
Launching a new Gay Book Shoppe
It's amazing what our resident proofie, AG, is doing -- when't the last time you looked at her two blogs?!

In total, AG has now reviewed (or touched down on)more than 50 books, and there are SIX MK reviews, and THE INTERVIEW.

What's this you say ... an interview with Mel? You bet.This rare item is informative and fun, and you can find it right here:


Here's the book blog itself:

and here is AG's Lords of Harbendane review:

The latest reviews added are for The Lords of Harbendane,The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks, China Mountain Zhang,The Jade Owl ... and lots more.

One of the most impressive developments is Aricia's Gay Book Shoppe, which is an Amazon Store filled with *only* hand-picked titles. Every single book and video on these pages has been added byAG. You'll find Mel Keegan, Josh Lanyon, Alex Beecroft, and more than 150 books and videos -- all gay titles, and all recommended.

Here is it:
Aricia's Gay Book Shoppe,http://astore.amazon.com/arsgabo-20

There's more (there's always more, right?) ...

Way back on January 22, AG's other blog launched. Remember the spiel? "Welcome to Aricia's album of delicious decadence, hot goss and hotter bods, gay goodies, celebs being silly, sweet treats and candy for your senses!"

Have you looked at this blog lately? There are about100 posts online now ... Brad, Orlando, Hugh, Elijah, Viggo, Capn' Jack (both of them!), Philip Morris, Mr. Gyllenhaal, Mr. McGregor, and an amazing collecton of goodies.

In fact, this blog is starting to gallop. It was recently featured on Huffington, and you don't do that without having something great to offer.

Here are some recent posts:

Elijah Wood ... as Iggy Pop?!
Johnny Depp: vampires rock!
To Liam Neeson and family: our deepest sympathies
Twits, nuisances, lawbreakers: where does Twitter draw the line?
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Brangelina to the rescue
David Tennant: what's next?Jack Harkness: immortalized in comics!
Rutger Hauer ... ice up a cold one. Wow!
The Ultimate Movie, starring Depp, Jolie, Smith and Knightly
The boy from Barcelona is back!
Viggo, Orlando -- and that other cute dude from TROY
Star Trek was never like this; or was it? Come to think of it...

No, they're not links. Go over there and browse:
Aricia's Album: http://ariciasalbum.blogspot.com/

What's next in 2009 for Mel Keegan?
In a word: HELLGATE. Two books (big ones) to go, and both finished by Christmas. That's the plan. The books are quite huge, so you can expect the work to devour the rest of the year. As 2009 progresses,you'll also see the Keegan titles appearing en masse at Kindle, Mobi, eXcessica, and other places, too. "Social networking" is where we're going right now --

In fact, MK now has a Live Journal page:

From that page, you can keep updated with events in the Mel-o-Sphere. Or even add MK to your 'friends' list. Cool stuff, this Live Journal.

Remember, to keep up with everything Keegan, just check out

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