Monday, August 4, 2008

Anyone for allegators?

Today's post was actually going to be an intelligent, meaningful column about the state of the gay marriage legislation in this country, and why some people are seriously considering blowing up the nation's Houses of Parliament (at least in effigy), when November 5th rolls around.

(You would basically festoon the front of the building with kegs and ropes, and let off some fireworks, and wave a lot of banners saying "Kevin Rudd, stop sucking up to His Popeliness the Holy, and read your own survey results!"

I mean, *I* voted for this guy. At the time, I thought his policies on the environment were the best chance this poor country had for fixing a few problems. And, at the time, once again, he seemed to be halfway in tune with what the PEOPLE of Australia want. Not the politicians. Not the billionaires who live in the stratosphere somewhere far above us. Not the buffheads who populate the aforementioned Parliament House in Canberra. The PEOPLE. As in, you and me. Us.

So I voted for him. I did. Really. And the next thing you know, the Federal Government is looking for ways to undo the ACT's decision to recognize same sex marriage, while Mr. K. Rudd is apparently trying to worm his way into the Pope's affections. Say, what, now? Hunh.

Now, in the last public survey, "We The People" were asked if we agreed with the death penalty and gay marriage. The majority of us said NO to legally killing people, and the majority of us also, actually said YES to letting folks (and I quote) "Marry the person of our choice."

So naturally, Kevin Rudd's federal government ... in the wake of His Popeliness's visit downunder ... where there was altogether too much Prime Ministerial Ingratiation going on ... is looking for ways to unravel the ACT's recent legislation allowing gay marriage.

Well, now, what can you expect from a guy who would have headed his grade school essays K.RUDD ...?

Anyway, today's post was originally intended to be a scholarly dissertation on the inequity of various legislative measures in the atipodes. (Say that three times, fast, after you've had four or five margueritas.)

Fat chance. We suffered a house invasion of unexpected guests, some of whom were under four feet tall, and rampaged through this domicile like a tornado. No, not hobbits.

I wish they HAD been hobbits. Hobbits are cool. Hobbits would have sat by the chiminea, drunk a pot of tea, smoked a few pipes, and talked about interesting things ... like dragons and Nazgul and giant spiders in the caves atop these jagged mountains ... rather than wanting to play hide and seek IN THE PANTRY.

These tiny life forms, I believe, are known colloquially as "children." I have little or no experience with them. After two hours, and feeling somewhat traumatized, I think I'm done. Children? Been there, done that. Next? Anyone care to come around and bring a half dozen Rottweilers, or perhaps a rhino? A couple of crocodiles and a water buffalo? Fine.

Sigh. Okay ... calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean.

So, that's what today's post was going to be about. I'll try again tomorrow.

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