Saturday, August 16, 2008

Next: "Terminator - the Musical"

Apropos of yesterday's post ... about mind control, augmented soldiers, rat-brain-robots and just who in the heck are the good guys supposed to be these days, Them or Us? Well, have a look at this:

Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog.

It's a short-feature serial by Joss Whedon, uploaded in chunks (they have the first three online right now, with a total running length of 30 - 40 minutes, I think), starring Neil Patrick Harris as the Doc, and Nathan Fillion as his arch nemesis, Captain Hammer. It's a whacked-out SF musical which is hilarious, poignant, and deeply philosophical, at the same time as being deliciously klutzy, gloriously dorky, spectacularly clumsy ... all-around delightful, in a weird kind of way.

It's interesting that Whedon got Nathan Fillion into this production. They worked together on FIREFLY (is it me, or is that show carpeted with gay undercurrents and stitched-through with gay references?) Mr. Fillion has put on a lot of muscles (now, who's complaining?), and shows a keen comic timing. In Part 3, he has (!) a musical number which has to be heard to be believed. Grab a coffee and enjoy.

Neil Patrick Harris is good as the wannabe evil Doctor Horrible himself, flinging himself into the spirit of the production with almost as much verve as Fillion, who seems to be relishing the part of the not-so-super hero. (Incidentally, did you catch NPH on After Elton? Here's the link: Neil Patrick Harris Lets It All Hang Out. Cool story about an extremely cool coming out. (Hollywood's answer to John Barrowman? Good one.)

What's going on in the Mel-o-Sphere? Not enough to post about, that's for sure! Hence this brief diversion into the eddies and drift-currents of Hollywood's more offbeat moments.

Yes, I'm working on the fantasy novel. No, you won't be seeing it before the end of September at the very earliest. Yes, it will be available as an ebook in both formats, and yes again, we'll be doing a booklaunch for it. It's the first major work from Keegan since APHELION, and only the third full-on fantasy to see print, so we'll be giving this one some serious promotion. We're actually thinking of making it available in hardcover too. Speaking entirely personally, I like hardcovers, especially for fantasy and historical fiction.

We're starting to kick around cover ideas already, and we might even put it to a poll here, let readers choose which cover art they prefer, and also which format, the paperback or harcover. (I've also been seriously considering a poll, either here or on the website, letting readers give some feedback on how crackling-hot they prefer their fiction. It might be interesting to collate results.)

For the moment: I am NOT making it up ... go see for yourself!

Doctor Horrible himself.

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