Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goggle Ad-nonsense and Gay Keywords

I know I've already posted today, but I've GOT to share this latest piece of Google-related idiocy with you. If you've been keeping up with the story of our misadventures in the wonderful world of web advertising (webvertising?), you'll know what I'm rattling on about. If not, take a look at "Give a Good Goggle at this, Guys," and "Beware the Ides of ... August." They'll bring you up to date about the homophobic behavior of the biggest, most powerful search engine in Creation, and one's complete inability to do anything about it. We tried. We failed.

Okay: so we vowed to go with the flow and get Adsense. Done and done: contextual ads are in place on all the webpages except the book browsers and reviews -- that's another 60pp or so, and they'll be converted tomorrow.

So here we go with the Adense contextual things, right? Right.

Now, understand: these pages are SCREAMING in silent code, GAY, GAY BOOKS, GAY FICTION, GAY NOVELS, GAY PUBLISHING, GAY STORIES, GAY ROMANCE, GAY THRILLERS ... the HTML part of the pages (and there's a lot of it) is thick, heavy, with all the right keywords in all the rigHt places ... yep, the homework has been done about this.

Our pages are screaming their poor little heads off, but The Goog ain't listening. Here's just some what we've had so far -- get ready for a chuckle.

PRELUDE TO CRY LIBERTY ... Buy a secondhand Honda Prelude.
READINGS ... Bible studies.
BOOKS ... Windows XP Drivers.
EBOOK KIOSK ... buy a mobile phone.

...and so on. So far, the contextual matchmaker at Goog has hit the button once out of about 50 pages -- calendars. We have a page called "calendar.htm," the ads are for popup calendars. From which you might conclude, it reads page titles. So why is "books.htm" pulling up Registry Cleaners and XP Drivers? I mean, BOOKS. (And yes, the Title, Description, Keywords and ALT tags all over the page are stuffed so full of the pertinent keywords, two more of the damned things, and it would be called "Keyword Stuffing," which is not even ethical!)

So -- please, when you visit my webpage, treat the whole thing like a word game. See what sheer nonsense the matchmaking algorithm is coughing up today. And please don't get upset with us (!) if you get offered Bible studies on my Readings page. That one really was a beauty.

Keep your eyes open for real Ad-nonsense-blots on the Keegan OnLine landscape -- post them here. I might even have a competition for the Best/Worst and Most Stupid ... give away a copy of THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE, perhaps!

Happy hunting,

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