Thursday, August 7, 2008

Taking a break from Kosmic Tedium

Just a couple of questions from readers today. The Mel-o-Sphere has reverted to its normally event-free nature. I'm working on the most boring topic in the cosmos (grammar; a feature for the Write-A-Novel site, which is due up shortly and looking great), the sun is shining for a while, and we're waiting for the ISBN to be awarded for AQUAMARINE, before we upload.

(Speaking of AQUAMARINE, if you're looking for the sample readings, just scroll down. The link is on a post from last week ... it'll be up on the website in a day or two. On the next upload, at any rate.)

First off, a plea for help from someone completely confused by the title of my post a few days ago: blogito, ergo sum. What in the world is Keegan babbling about now. It's a joke, a play on "cogito, ergo sum" which is the Latin for "I think, therefore I am." Cogito is the first person present tense of the verb Cogitare, to think. Now, reverse engineer it from Blogitare, "to blog." (And no, before anyone even asks, there is no such Latin verb!!)

Second question: does the aforementioned Latin joke constitute some kind of sophisticated intellectual wanking? Well ... I'd have called it primitive intellectual wanking. I should think they were doing that joke in the stone age, when people blogged on cave walls in pictures, with charcoal sticks and ochre. It's been done about a thousand times, folks --

Google it. Go on, right now, Google it and see what happens. I'll wait.

... ... ...

Still here. See? Intellectual Wankers of the world, unite. (The truth is, some people have too way much time on their hands. I wish I were one of them.)

The next project to leave my hands, after AQUAMARINE, will be the fantasy novel, and I hope to have the haunted house piece done this side of Christmas.

Speaking of the fantasy novel, I'm about to be responsible (again) for hopelessly confusing readers. I've been shuffling titles. I have two fantasy projects and three titles, and have been playing "musical titles" with them for more than a year. The trilogy which used to be called "The Lords of Harbendane" is reverting to its old title, "Mythgaard," which was the original title of the version I produced about 12 years ago. (15?) So, the trilogy is now called "Mythgaard." With me so far? The stand-alone novel you'll be reading in a couple of months, which wore the title of Mythgaard for a long while, is becoming The Lords of Harbendane ... because I like that title mich more than its own original title.

Confused, now? *I* am, so you must be. Suffice to say, there's a stand-alone and a trilogy. The stand-alone is launching this year. The trilogy is on the shelf, and I'll get to it in due course, after the next HELLGATE novels, and the next NARC.

Which prompts me to mention that sales of the NARC novels, in both paperback and ebook formats, are surprising us all, and the NARC website is drawing a lot of traffic in its own right. I need to shuffle the order of titles on my "must write" list, before readers are chewing on me.

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