Sunday, August 10, 2008

Musings on the run

A couple of links for you today, and some images, because I'm waaay under the weather AND buried in work, which is far from a pleasant combination!

The links first. A couple of days ago I was talking about intellectual wanking, and this page really tickles that particular bone:

The Well Tempered Plot Device by Nick Lowe.
It's for the writers (and the more serious readers) among you. I laughed and laughed, being a writer ... but it *is* on the intellectual side of wanking.

If your taste in humor runs more to whipped cream in the kisser, foot on the banana peel, stand on the handle of a rake, AND you're interested in what makes writers and readers break several ribs while laughing, try this:

Peter's Evil Overlord List.
You gotta love this. You might end up bookmarking it. I just recommended it to writing students, instead of blathering on for another page about how NOT to craft the villain of your book. Lucas, Spielberg, Tolkien and the rest (good gods, not Keegan? No, not Keegan) should have read this before they set pen to paper.

Alas, Science Fiction is full of plot holes through which you could drive a starship, broad-side on. (Well, maybe not the one in Spaceballs.) Some very, very good movies have been "let down" by plot devices in the resolution which left you groaning. For example, SIGNALS. Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed the movie, it was one of the best suspense pieces I've ver seen; even Mr. Gibson managed to be quite acceptable for a whole two hours; but I have to disconnect my logic circuitry when I watch it, because the ending is so dim. And there's the shame of it: the ending is so dim after the rest of the movie was so good. The human drama and suspense are brilliantly done; the instant the story has to tickle real science ... phhhht.

And now, the pictures! Had an interesting (and activity provoking) comment from a reader: since I showed what the place looks like in summer, I ought to show what it looks like in winter, adhering to the principle of "Show, don't tell."

Okay, this one's easy, and ... happy to oblige. This is South Aus in the wintertime, NOT Alaska. I'll put up some winter in Alaska pictures next time, to keep the balance even.

Several of these shots are "through the windscreen," and if you see raindrops in the shot, it was actually raining at the time. It does actually rain here some of the time! (Ironically, it's a blue-sky day today, with light winds and ... I think ... the first touch of spring in the air. Maybe.)

Click the pics for a larger view...

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