Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Lords of Harbendane cover proof...!

Yet again, a second post (I seem to be making a habit of this lately), because there's something very exciting to share. The cover proof for THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE was just finished, and I have to say, I'm thrilled. Check this out:

I think this is probably our best cover yet ... and I know I say that every couple of books. Kudos to the artist, Jade. This one has a "wow factor" off the scale.

Apparently the foreground is someplace in Scandinavia; the mountain range and lake is in Denali National park, Alaska; the sky was repainted from a shot captured in the backyard. The character (Rogan Dahl, the Zhenander) is a composite of three faces, so if he reminds you of someone -- it could be three someones. I'm not telling who, but you'll almost certainly going to be guessing [snicker, snort, grin].

Stay tuned for the first chapter online, on the blog here!

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Aricia said...

What an AWESOME cover!!!

Being a "proofie" I'm privileged to have already read the book (twice!) and the cover is so perfect. I already fell in love with this hero -- Rogan Dalh. Gorgeous, like all the Keegan Heroes.


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