Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gay marriage rights: Prop 8 opens the door to a dark future

In a fair legal system, there's supposed to be one law for everyone, rich and poor alike. You're not supposed to get away with blue murder because you've got a billion dollars (though one suspects, people do), and civil rights are supposed to be decided by the people -- meaning, what real people in the street feel and think and believe off their own bat ... not what they've been duped and coerced and indoctrinated into deciding.

You'd have to say that marriage rights -- gay or hetero, it makes no difference -- are central to civil rights. It's the right to spend your life, legally, with the person whom you love. Right?

As I pointed out in this post -- -- marriage and children have very little to do with one another. The statistic I recently heard says less than 6% of gay couples have kids, so using "what about the children?" as a reason for choking off civil rights is void.

Yet, civil rights are about to be decided by the dollar. I just received a forward from the Human Rights Campaign, and here's the gist of it:

    Marriage equality in California is now losing by 5 points, according to the latest poll numbers.

    Until that poll, we were leading in California. What happened? Anti-LGBT groups are winning the fundraising battle by more than $10 million -- and their vicious, untrue ads are everywhere.

    Our lead has slipped, but victory is still within reach. We need to get on the air quickly to counter their lies and we need your help to do it.

Something, somewhere is dead wrong. If this were Muslims dumping a billion dollars into a campaign to have Christianity knocked down a peg or two, there'd be hell to pay -- there could even be bombs falling in the Middle East over it! If it were the KKK pumping billions into pimping their point of view, force-feeding you piffling bilgewater about Americans of color being less worthy than white ones, there would be an uproar. But gays, like pagans, are still on the outside, the way African Americans were still riding in the back of the bus when a lad called Cassius Clay won the gold medal. This was in the days of Black Power ... and I'm quite old enough to remember athletes with raised, black-gloved fists, collecting their medals. European Americans didn't like it, but at the time it was very necessary. These actions got the desired result, and in today's world, a scant four decades later, an African American is top of the Hollywood A-List, making more money than his European American colleagues. (It's Will Smith, if you're wondering. And Keegan is the first one standing up and applauding.)

You could hazard a guess that Gay Rights and Pagan Rights are, therefore, lagging a few decades behind Racial Rights. And you also have to speculate about what in the hell needs to be done to drag this whole wagon-load of miserable human rights abuse into the twenty-first century.

Because the bottom line to whether Prop 8 gets a yea or a nay (and I've pointed this out before: is, the minds and hearts of the Californian people. I'll save you some reading, and myself some typing, and paste over the crucial outtake from the aforelinked post:

    What the people of California decide regarding gay marriage rights in November is, in fact, more important [than who is elected to the White House], because an official referendum if a very accurate barometer of the public mind, public sentiment, the "collective consciousness," if I might be forgiven for misquoting Jung.

    Presidents come and presidents go. Some get shot. Some start wars. Some pay off the national debt (come back, Bill, all is forgiven!) while peace spontaneously breaks out all over the world. No matter how foolish, hidebound, corrupt, or even wicked a government might turn out to be, four years later, the whole thing goes back to the country. The sandcastle gets turned back into slush, and you can start over.

    However, though presidents and governments come and go, the PEOPLE are the backbone, heart and soul of a nation, and it's what they think, feel and believe which counts ... because this is the quality we all have to live with. You can't vote it out in four years. You can't assassinate it. You can't debate it, impeach it or imprison it. The PEOPLE are the force which drives a nation.

    And it comes down to this: Can America still wear the laurels of the "land of the free?" Or do strict, rigid conditions apply to freedom? And who sets those conditions, on what terms?

And even as I type this, the question has become this: "Is freedom a commodity which one buys and sells in the US?" Is it a constitutional right to gull, dupe, con, and otherwise hypnotize, the voting public with a commercial campaign, selling Prop 8 as if it were the new shampoo, or the sizzling new batter at KFC?

This is what is happening right now. People are being "sold" a mind-set which has several loose screws. They're being indoctrinated via advertisement, to accept the gradual degradation of human rights which should be unalienable.

Understand the door which is creaking open at this moment. The following scenario is science fiction, but NOTHING in this scenario is a fiction. It has ALL happened, and much of it has happened well inside of America's very short history:

    In November 2008, gays lose their rights to marry ... in 2009, it's "mixed marriages" which become verboten.
    In 2010, gays lose their rights to equal opportunity in the workplace. The same year, it becomes unlawful to be Wiccan, "because of the children." Wiccans go underground, accept conversion to Christianity, or are arrested.
    In 2011, the religious right is gaining momentum based on previous victories which began in November 2008, over gays and, subsequently, pagans. This year, Jews [who are "Satan's Seed" -- US Citizens, do you know about this whacked-out, far right Christian twaddle? You should ... you're voting for some dangerous presidential candidates in three weeks!!] are required to display a sign on their person or clothing, making their religious/racial heritage obvious. Most states bring back the death penalty.
    In 2012, all GLBTIQ folks have to display a similar sign. The same year, a Dominionist Republican government is elected, and contraception and abortion become unlawful for all people, irrespective of gender or religious preference. Abortionists, and women who have had abortions, are deemed guilty of murder, and placed on death row.
    In 2013, Americans of color are barred from various colleges, country clubs and hotels. Teaching evolutionary science and sex education in schools becomes unlawful.
    In 2014, American women (of any racial heritage) are barred from higher education and important employment, as per Biblical edicts regarding the status of females. Jews are barred from trading on any stock exchange. Jewish companies are forcibly "nationalized."
    In 2015, the Catholic church is expelled from the US as "the Great Whore" [the firm belief of Palin, McCain and company, at this time. Want a giggle? Go here: ... and people like Palin and McCain believe this stuff! This one's the wheeze of the week]
    In 2016 it becomes unlawful to even BE gay, with a mandatory 20 year prison sentence if you're identified; and since you've been wearing a pink triangle since 2012, you're history, end of statement.
    In 2017, it becomes unlawful to "pass" yourself as a European American, if you have an African American grandparent: you must, by law, identify yourself as an American of color, any color, incuding Native, Asian, the works. The same year, freedom of speech and information are curtailed; blogs like this one would get an American imprisoned -- the US is therefore disconnected from the international Internet, so the next generation has no idea what human rights are.
    In 2018, the prisons are so full, the decision is made to expand the death penalty to include lesser crimes; Gays and Pagans, Catholics and Muslims who refuse to be "converted" to heterosexuality and the Dominionist faith, are executed.
    In 2019, it becomes unlawful to be Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist on pain of the death penalty. You can convert or be deported to "displaced persons" camps in Africa or Asia. If you stay in America, you're on death row.
    In 2020, the state religion of the US is announced and enforced; Old Testament law replaces the constitution (which is the ultimate Dominionist ambition -- and remember, Palin and McCain are Dominionists. In any doubts? Go here: and also here: ...!)
    In 2021, the Dominionist government of the United States decides to bring the whole world under its one church, as per the core beliefs of their religion. World War III erupts, when the great superpowers, China, Russia, United Europe, don't want to play. Game over.

It all starts in three weeks, when California goes to the polls, and we see how the ordinary people have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the "vicious, untrue ads" of the religious right (see above).

Here's the kicker: decent, intelligent, compassionate, forward-thinking people are actually immune to such brainwashing. You can't reprogram a mind that doesn't want to be hypnotized.

If Californians allow themselves to be programed to vote "yes" to Prop 8 --

What you really have here is a two-sided coin. On the head-side of it is a celebration of the fact (as is being proven at this time) that "Rich Rules" in America this year. If you've got the money to pump into something, anything, you can make the US public think, and vote for, anything, however compassionately and intellectually bankrupt it might be. The "Vote Yes to Pro 8" camp is five points up ... and they bought those points with millions of advertising dollars.

On the tail-side of the coin is the inescapable bottom line to the social experiment: the ad campaign that is currently programing these people wouldn't be working if they weren't agreeable -- just as you can't hypnotize a person who refuses to be hypnotized. The truth? The old gender prejudice is still right there, waiting to be activated.

You know the old sexual and racial prejudices are still there, masked for the sake of political correctness. The "N-word" is being bandied around way too frequently since Mr. Obama appeared on the political scene, and sexual discrimination is just as rampant ... it's just wearing various disguises to make it "PC."

I'm going to state it bluntly, though a lot of people won't like this -- feel free to post your thoughts here, pro and con! By all means let's get an argument going. It's healthy! Here we go. Bottom line: if Prop 8 gets the "yea" vote, it's a clear indication of the minds and hearts of a majority of the Californian people ... their paucity of compassion and intelligence, and their willingness to be hypnotized by commercials. Money doesn't just talk -- it rules, but the only reason it's allowed to rule is that vast numbers of human beings are still too mean-spirited, and much too dumb, to recognize what's happening and put a stop to it. Gay rights (like pagan rights) are still decades away ... and the rights of Americans of any other heritage save European, and any other faith save the whacked-out Christian right, are looking more shaky by the hour.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That's some scary shit, man. Unfortunately, the timeline you wrote is EXACTLY what the neocon dominionists want! There's a huge proportion of the US that thinks that'd be a great timeline. Scary, scary shit.

Mel Keegan said...

Alaskan Dave - you are so right. I keep asking myself what can be done about it? It's the fact the US has the nukes ... and that a Dominionist president would have his/her finger on the button ... that worries me. Very few places in the world would be safe, and even then, not for long.

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