Saturday, September 20, 2008

See what you're up against?

Just a quickie here: this isn't today's post, but an "on the fly" commentary, because I have something to share ... because I just don't believe what I'm seeing. Ready for this? Yesterday's post was called "Gay wedding bells can be expensive." It was a yack-on about gay marriage rights in California, and how Brad Pitt just gave a hundred grand to fighting the opposition ... and I took a quick look at who the opposition IS, and where it's coming from.

You might not have believed me when I said it was coming from out-of-state Bible-thumpers who're pumping money into their ban-gay-marriage crusade. Well, here's your proof.

It will be costing them a fortune to do this all over the web, cuz they sure as heck didn't just target Keegan! But the nanosecond I talked about gay marriage rights in California, my Google ads did this:

Go on, click on it to see it at a readable size. It's a screen capture off the ads I saw when I took a look at my blog today. I mean, say what?!!

The coming of the Kingdom of God, and Can Jews be for Jesus, and Christians wanted?! The column ads, to the right of my body text, were just as bad. Learn Biblical Hebrew, can homosexuals be saved, and a whole bunch of TWADDLE.

Now, unless Google Adsense is giving away these bloody ads (and I don't even want to think about that...) this is costing big money. At a time when there are people starving in the world, and families living in Hooverville-style tent cities again in the US (don't know the reference? Give this a click and squirm), the best thing these good, God-fearing, church-going people can think of to spend their money on is bloody Google Ads aimed at social commentary blogs like Keegan, with the object in mind of taking YOUR human rights, YOUR freedoms, which ought to be constitutional, and destroying them.

For shame. Seriously, you church folks, for shame. Go feed a child. Go bail a starving, heterosexual American family with six kids out of their mortgage nightmare, get them out of a tent and back in a home. Get your heads out of other people's bedrooms and back into your church, where, if your pastor isn't telling you to do GOOD and RIGHTEOUS things for your own suffering, struggling, utterly innocent fellow Americans, you should give said pastor some funny looks, and seek your salvation elsewhere.

Okay, rant over. Soap box being put back in the cupboard. I'll be good now, I promise.

More soon -- this isn't today's post, as I said, just something that had to be shared, because maybe, like me, you won't believe what you're seeing.


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