Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Breakthough Novel Award, 2009

A quick(ish) second post for today. First time writers might be interested in a fairly new literature award: the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. It's just what it sounds like ... a competition for first-time authors. Here's an outtake from the page at CreateSpace:

The Breakthrough Novel Award brings together talented writers, reviewers and publishing experts to find and develop new voices in fiction. If you're an author with an unpublished novel waiting to be discovered, visit CreateSpace to learn more about the next Breakthrough Novel Award and sign up for regular updates on the contest. Open submissions for manuscripts begin in February 2009.
Sounds like it could be interesting -- and here's the link to the official page:

Right now, the homepage at CreateSpace is showing this graphic, which says all. I imagine you'll get knocked down in the rush in this competition, but what the hey: nothing ventured, nothing won. Give it a look, and -- best of luck!

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