Friday, November 28, 2008

Lords of Harbendane - sample readings online...!

Here's the best news I've had to giv all week: sample readings for THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE are up, right here, and the book will be available in 'e' form next week!

You've previewed the cover on the blog here, and seen the map. The ISBN was awarded last week, and the first two chapters are yours for the clicking.

Just a brief disclaimer: be aware that THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE is a gay fantasy novel. The first couple of chapters are not in any way explicit, but they're specific about gay relationships, and you know it's going to get steamy later on. So ... consider youreself warned, and if you'll be PO'd in any way, don't download. Right. Nuff said -- let's get to the goodies:

Download the first 31pp of the book -- including cover set-up pages and map! (PDF document; file size is 1600kb, due to the cover and map graphics.)



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