Friday, November 14, 2008

And on the subject of gay vampires --!

On the subject of gay vampires, NOCTURNE has just gone online at

... and TWILIGHT won't be too far behind. The good news is that will combine shipping, so if you're getting two or three books, you get into substantial savings. THE SWORDSMAN went online a couple of weeks ago, and the next one coming along, after TWILIGHT, will be FORTUNES OF WAR. (That's in the pipeline right now; meanwhile, we're working on AQUAMARINE and TIGER, TIGER.

Gay vampires do seem to be an astonishingly popular genre -- though I also notice that quite a lot of this fiction does tend to be more focused on erotica than plot. You know Keegan: in my fiction you tend to get both (plotica?), and the beauty of a book as big as NOCTURNE is, there's space for both. It's over 200,000 words -- which is about four times as long as some of the gay vampire fiction you can pick up, which is so focused-in on the erotic aspect of the denouement, the stories can tend to, uh, shoot their bolt quickly.

We're slap-bang on schedule to have THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE on release by Thanksgiving. Those readers who will be wanting the ebook can order via the blog here, or through the ebook kiosk on the website:
... and the paperback will be a few days behind. Remember, Aussies and Kiwis, if you want the books fast, order via; if you don't care about an extra couple of weeks on the delivery time, the quality via CreateSpace is actually a tad bit better. If you absolutely, positively must order from itself, fo good reasons best known to yourself, the book will online there a few weeks behind the ebook release.

(With and CreateSpace, it's a question of patience, as I blogged here:

Still on the subject of vampires ... or at least on the subject of BLOOD ... has anyone else noticed that as soon as you get to 50, they start wanting to stick needles in you? My birthday was back on the 4th (, and at their very first opportunity, there I was with a needle stuck in a vein in my arm. Now, I'll grant you, this particular vampire is a dab-band with a piece of sharp steel. I don't think I'm even going to get a bruise. And I have no vaguest notion if this specific vampire has any gay leanings -- but still. You get to fifty, and the buggers spontaneously get needle-happy. All I wanted was a refill on a prescription, and what do I get? Screened for a half dozen things that any normal person doesn't want to know about. Sheesh.

Before anyone asks, no, I haven't seen so much as a trailer for THE LAIR, though I've heard a little about it. Is it from the same studio that produced DANTE'S COVE? If it is ... one can only hope THE LAIR is a little better than DANTE'S, which was thin at the best of times, and went downhill from there. THE LAIR has potential, but then again, so did DANTE'S --

And speaking of Dante, and vampires, check this out:

... click for a larger version of this. I kid you not, it was painted in 1850! Don't believe me?

Go here:
The painting dates back 158 years, and yet today, when we're supposed to be so much more sophisticated, film censorship is slapping a PG rating on movies because a guy takes his shirt off and a woman wears something with a plunging neckline. Like a ballgown -- which the Queen of England, who is also the head of the Church of England, is famous for wearing! Interesting, no?

And yes, I'm blogging in a complete vacuum today! Gay vampires are simply on my mind, because we were chasing up NOCTURNE -- wondering if it had put in an appearance on the Amazon engine, and it turns out ... it has!

Otherwise, the Mel-o-Sphere is an Event Free Zone. So --

Ciao for now,

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