Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Postman knocked three times

A very quick second post for today (and it'll have to be quick, because we just got home from "doing lunch" for my birthday, and I, uh, need to take a nap. [grin; ain't days off grand?]

Parcel Post delivered while we at lunch: the proof copy of the CreateSpace issue of NOCTURNE is here and ... gorgeous. The quality is tip-top in every way, and because this issue is printed in the US, where they have access to the "right" paper stocks, the book is also as big as you'd expect a 450pp trade size paperback to be.

(The Australian issue, via Lulu.com's Aussie digital partner, is printed on much lighter paper, which not only makes for significant strikethough*, it also makes for a very noticeably thinner book. Which also means it's lighter to mail, of course -- and when you remember that Australia Post charges by the 500g (more than a pound), every ounce (27g) you can save is an extremely Good Thing.)

* Strikethrough is the unfortunate tendency of what's printed on the reverse side of the page to be visible on "this" side. The thicker, or darker, the paper is the less strikethrough you get. The lighter papers can be aggravatingly transparent.

Today or tomorrow, we'll give NOCTURNE the "nudge" at CreateSpace, opening it for sale both there and at Amazon.com ... which means, in 15 days you'll be seeing it at Amazon.

Nice one.

And now for that post-luncheon birthday nap...

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