Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gay vampires rock!

Good news for aficionados of my gay vampire novels: the proof copy of TWILIGHT was delivered this afternoon, and it looks great. CreateSpace has done a very, very nice job of this:

I have nothing but praise for the CreateSpace product, and it's a dead-easy online interface. If you're outside the US, the books simply take about four weeks to go from prep to Amazon.com listing ... and you cannot fight that, nor speed it up. Also, they hit you up for USPS International Priority mail, which is U$26 -- and when you're doing upwards of 20 books, it gets a little expensive. Still, the proof of TWILIGHT came through from order to delivery in 10 days, and I'm reminded of the old wisdom: "You get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get." In other words -- sure, it's expensive on the shipping -- but you get your money's worth in speed.

Also, for a writer or publisher who wasn't having to pay the shipping bill for 20+ titles, it's obviously less of a financial pinch!

I'll keep you posted about the progress of NOCTURNE and TWILIGHT into the Amazon.com engine. They're going to be "up there" for Christmas shoppers with time to spare.


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