Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday morning blues

Good news and -- well, not "bad" but "very ordinary" news, today.

The good news first: NOCTURNE has been reviewed at Rainbow Reviews, which rated the book at five stars: http://rainbow-reviews.com/?p=722. Many thanks to RR for the review and the recommendation: greatly appreciated! If you don't know the site, do visit, when you get a chance to surf. Loads of fun, very informative, and also a most attractive site.

The "very ordinary news" is that after waiting five days for a response from Create Space about their gridlocked, jammed shopping cart and the order for a proof copy that got lost in the cracks between here and there (credit card having been billed, but no sign of the order in the system!) we got a response back today ... and the customer service guy hadn't read enough of our message to know what the problem was. His advice: go back and check out properly.

Sound of head bashing on wall and high-pressure steam blasting out of ears.

Yes, we -- pleasantly and politely -- messaged again. now, we wait some more. An actual human being is going to have to track down the order and re-set the cart before the system is going to work again ... and when it's finally been sorted out, I'll keep you updated. I know several folks at least are watching this process, because -- frankly, you learn more when things go wrong that you learn when everything is smooth and silky. Which is why I never mind a few problems -- so long as they do get fixed in a timely manner.

Anyway -- LORDS OF HARBENDANE is "on hold," waiting for problems to be solved. And the truth is, it's already crossed the critical threshold, beyond which it can't possibly make it to Amazon.com for Christmas.

See also:

So, this is where we are on Tuesday morning ... also waiting for a guy to come and service the dishwasher, which is doing disgusting things ... and waiting (hoping) for rain. There's supposed to be a shower or two this afternoon, which will be fantastic, if it happens... http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDS10034.shtml

Other than all this, I'm blogging in a complete vacuum, so we'll keep it short and sweet (the way lemons are sweet, right?) today -- and if something great happens this afternoon, I might blog a second time.


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