Thursday, January 22, 2009

...and then the power came back on, and --

Just an eleventh-hour post right now -- on the fly, literally. The power has been turned off all day for (drum roll: ta-da!!) the installation of the new air conditioning. No power = no computer. No computer = no blogging. Or ... a quick post squeezed in between the new split system being installed, the power being turned back on here, and Keegan saying, "Feed me before I do a face plant!"

Beyond the new a/c, the rest of the Mel-o-sphere has been in close-to-perfect vacuum. We are STILL waiting for the proof of The Lords of Harbendane I am STILL waiting for Google to have a quick peek at this blog and see that it violates none of their rules, and doesn't deserve to have zeroed out page rankings. Getting tired of waiting, and making plans...

A swift business meet took place late in the afternoon and (though I shiver to say this, because I've said it so often before, and this particular vine has never borne flower, let alone fruit!) we came up with an advertising package that includes Wikipedia, Smashwords, Kindle, press releases, review copies being shipped in ten directions -- plus, this blog having a complete facelift and overhaul. And a lot more.

Work begins on the above, uh, tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on our progress!

Work continues on LEGENDS, but in the last week it's been slooooow because of the heat, and today ...? Absent. No power. I even discovered that the laptop's battery was flat. Hunh.

So here I am on the fly, and you could call this "the post you write when you're not writing a post." Well, it's a post all right ... explaining why there isn't a proper post! Joy.

Keegan will return, more like the proverbial bad penny than like 007.

Ciao for now,

Above: This is not Mel Keegan.

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