Sunday, January 4, 2009

Service message: taking Infolinks for a spin

You'll notice, today, that I'm taking something new for a spin: Infolinks. Another way to help pay the bills, right? Put it this way: the more cash that can be earned from the blogs and websites, well, the more time I have free to devote to writing. I like the logic, so -- let's at least take it for a spin, see what happens.

I'm hoping the additional "double-underline links" won't be too intrusive. I think they're okay at this point, but what I'd like to do is ask for feedback from users. Do the text links bother you? Would they spoil your enjoyment of this site? I've heard they're an excellent revenue earner (which translates directly into Keegan having more time to spend writing), but on the other hand, if they irritate and annoy, it's as easy to uninstall them as to install.

Leave a message, folks, if you have an opinion.

(And, yes: before I installed them, I checked to make sure that Google doesn't have a big problem with them. A lot of people are using both Infolinks and Google, so it seems to be all right. Incidentally, the Google situation is still unchanged: my page rankings are at zero and all traffic is being driven by reader-referrals -- emails, social bookmarks, and permalinks. Many thanks to all who are helping with this: much appreciated!)

A "real" post follows...

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Jennifer said...

I notice the ads but they don't bother me, and if it helps to raise some $$$ -- so be it. You gotta do what you can. A lot of folks don't understand how LONG it takes to do a top-rate blog (like this one). It'd be nice to be able to do it forever for nuthin', but this is the real world we live in, the one where the bills never stop coming in and they get unhappy if you don't pay them!! Go for it.

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