Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rumblings from Keegan Country

Sunday afternoon in the lull between heat waves: it'll be 107 degrees again in a couple of days, but -- I look up and there above me, mounted on the wall, is nothing less than a 2.7 HP a/c unit. Oh, yes. Hit the remote control switch, and in three minutes I'll want a sweater. I'd say cool -- and it is! The a/c will make it much easier to keep up with projects; in the past, it's been a struggle to keep up during the summer months, but those problems seem to be solved.

"Projects" to me, right now, means the Legends digital novel. My next job, as soon as I finish this post and upload it, is to run home to Blogger and set up a new one using the template that has been meticulously designed and destruction tested while I've been working on the first 20,000 words or so of the text. I've got a nice buffer in hand now, and we're about ready to start uploading. Time to set up the blog/novel itself. The great experiment.

This is all very exciting. This coming week, we'll be doing a newsletter to launch the serial, and the plan is, if even 25% of the people on the the MK mailing list are interested in a professional quality free read ... and if they'd be good enough to tell just TWO other people the URL and give it a recommendation ... and if just 50% of those people would do the same -- well, a Very Large Circulation is achievable in a rather short time. You know the way exponential numbers start small and slow, and then get very big very fast? Same principle.

I'll let you know how the experiment goes.

Meanwhile, the photography blog continues to be a load of fun. I can't believe there are already over 60 images there already. It's only been "up" for a couple of weeks.

Then again, have you looked at Aricia's Album of Deicious Decadence today? My mind is in the process of boggling. David Beckham stark naked with a strategically placed soccer ball, and a label on him that reads what?! Wolverine's day at the beach? David Tennant as a ravishing highland lassie tending bar in a Scottish pub?! Where does AG find this stuff?

I'm just not trying. As I said, my mind is in boggle mode while I laugh my ass off at the same time.

Anyway -- back to work. It might be Sunday, but if I want a day off on Tuesday, I have to work today. I thought I'd go see The Day The Earth Stood Still on one of the monster screens down at the megaplex.

Ciao for now,

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