Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Vanishing Website Affair

To answer today's most-asked question, "Why the sweet, flying f**k am I getting some weird website when I try to logon to Mel Keegan Online" --

Well, it's complicated. DreamCraft is sorting the whole thing out even as I type this -- on the phone, long distance. Apparently, when you forget to update your credit card information, (see yesterday's post), and your domain actually expires ... things get seriously screwed up in terms of domain registration. This is not at work -- if it were, it would have been easy to fix it online. It has something to do with another "registry" agency, with which iPower dovetails.

Anyway: Dave has the phone in his hand RIGHT NOW and is talking to an extraordinarily cool young man at iPower, who is fixing the whole thing. It's only a minor cardiac arrest; all will be remedied shortly.

Other things which came my way yesterday: you have GOT to see this:

It's one page on an amusing and astonishing blog/site, and when you see this, you're just hit between the eyeballs with the solid impression that the worlds of Hellgate and NARC are already upon us. I'm going to borrow one image from the above page, to show you what I mean, and as an incentive to get to you GO OVER THERE and see the whole page! There are swags of images like this, and every one of them looks like something right out of NARC and Hellgate:

(Credit on the picture goes to Ken Ohyama, who has a link through to a website, but if you can't read Japanese, you'll have all kinds of fun trying to navigate the site! Give it a shot:

Update on the situation: iPower has remedied the whole thing and we're now just waiting for the server to update, which it will do in about 45 minutes or so, according to our tech support guru, who is certain to be beatified.

If you're looking for website hosting, iPower would have to be the one I recommend. You can stuff things up royally, pick up the phone, and it's just ... fixed. In fact (I might have mentioned this before), it's the only ISP DreamCraft has been recommending for eons -- in fact, they actually "re-sell" iPower services. Excuse the commercial, but if you're a similar bind, wondering who in the heck you can trust to babysit your brainchildren, this is worth a look:
pardon the commercial, but -- this one is worth it!

My apologies to one and all about the "Disappearing Website Affair." This is the reason I blog as well as having a major website! Belt and suspenders. Double-indemnity.

Bear with us just a little longer...


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