Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Case of the Disappearing Website

Don't sweat: the webpage will be back online in a couple of hours -- we're down for technical reasons at iPower. Not the machinery ... something much more fundamental.

A few months ago, someone's gold credit card was updated to platinum, and someone forgot to update all accounts. And one of the accounts which was forgotten was The Important One. The big one. The one without which everything else goes down. Uh huh.

Blame CitiBank. It's all their fault for changing the number when the updated the card. Why can't they just leave the number the same?

Anyway, we've "only" been offline for about eight hours (during the night, our time ... people were asleep, which was why no one notice the problem), and will be back online inside the next two hours. The problem was easily fixed with the new credit card number, and we're just waiting for the system to cycle and update, which it does about every hour or two. Bear with us. For the moment, we're showing up as an expired domain, but looks are deceiving: we're already back, the system just needs to update.

A while ago I was actually blogging about this: I must be psychic. I actually said this -- I've just pasted it over verbatim; and you just caught a glimpse of Nostrakeeganus at work:

I have a major website, yet this blog looks like being a permanent thing. Why would I blog, when I have a major website? Simply stated, it's a hell of a lot easier to blog. They're free to set up; you don't have to worry about registering domain names and then re-re-resubscribing to keep your domain name (forget it for a few weeks when re-up time comes around, and it's gone, and your search engine presence with it);

...right now, thank gods for blogs! Because if you don't have one, and your website goes down, you're sunk. Screwed. Whatever.

Marvelous way to start one's day off, right? Yep -- this is suppose to be my day off. I'm going to TRY to seize the day, but I already have the feeling I've been seized by it.

Hopefully, I'll get the chance to blog again later, and with any luck at all the website will have popped back into reality before I go out.


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