Monday, September 1, 2008

Back again, with these few words...

Second post for today, and just a quickie, because this is so dumb, it has to be shared. Take a gander at this (click for a bigger view):

Apparently, this poor whiddle blog is rated R. Now, I suppose I don't mind being rated R. But I'd like to be rated R for something real, not for the words 'death' 'dead' 'hell' and 'queer,' which are perfectly normal words in the bloody damned English language!

I mean, just look at this R-rated sentence, for which Keegan will no doubt be hung, drawn and quartered: "It's been a queer old day. Caught my death of cold in the rain at the bus stop, the laser printer died, stone dead, and I thought, "Ah, the hell with it, why get it fixed, I'll buy a new one. Darn it all, these printers'll be the death of me yet, and look at the blue ink on my photo printer -- dead as a doornail, and y'know what they cost? A hell of a lot more than they would, if I were in charge!"

There. That was certainly Rated R. Look at that content. Absolutely shocking. I'm horrified. What if sixteen year olds, a week prior to their seventeenth birthdays, read this???!!!

Well, dash it all. Wash my mouth out with soap,

Rather have a gin and tonic...

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