Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Publishing Series -- read it in order

Back again today, with a very short entry: I've been asked if it's possible to shuffle this epic series of posts into coherent order. In blog format, it's really not possible, but we can try this:

PART ONE: New York Publishing: Worms in the Big Apple
PART TWO: Learning to think outside the corporate box
PART THREE: Independent publishing- local goes global
PART FOUR: Digital publishing comes of age
PART FIVE: Publishing as sheer entrepreneurialism
PART SIX: POD Publishing -- getting megatrendy

This should make the whole essay much more accessible. Many thanks to the readers who have given me feedback -- your comments are appreciated! This will be the last I have to say about publishing for a while. I might do photos and my Dave Barry routine for a few days, to take a break! This blog is becoming way too serious lately. Let's remedy that tomorrow.

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