Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Launching the hardcover of

As promised, the hardcover edition of WHITE ROSE is out now, and look very beautiful in its dustjacket, at 310pp...

And in response to numerous requests for a wallpaper based on the back cover art ... the green-skinned courtesan, Kabir ...!

The artwork (Jade's credit) was sized to 800x600. On the garden variety square screen, you can stretch to fit and it looks great. Widescreens are a different question ... I *think* you can get an "old" wallpaper to fit ... must look into this.

In case anyone has no idea what WHITE ROSE is about, here are the cover notes:

Painting on a wide, spectacular canvas
Mel Keegan returns to the past with
a massive tale of the Crusades,
the Lionheart ... barbarism, splendor,
and a young man´s coming of age ...

The Saxon is almost a slave in his own country, and the Holy Land is sundered by unholy war out of which there can be no real victors. For young men like Paul Delgado and Edward of Aethelstan, no place is safe. Their own home is as filled with danger as the battlefields of Palestine. They are men who love men, in an age when such love is forbidden.

To repair the patchwork fortunes of the House of Aethelstan, Edward commits himself to the Crusade. For love of the young Saxon knight, Paul sails with him in the company of Normans, Templars, soldiers, squires. Before he returns, he will be a man grown, with an epic story to tell of bloodshed, sorcery, sublime sensuality, and a timeless love.

Dust-veiled battlefields and the lamplit bedchambers of Saracen captains are
his memories. Silk and steel, delight, despair, and the magic of an age
almost forgotten.

Darkly sensual, vast in its scope, White Rose is a haunting romance
within a thrilling adventure, spiced with a twist of macabre high fantasy, from
the acclaimed author of FORTUNES OF WAR and the award-winning historical,

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