Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clooney and Pitt to star in hot gay scifi action thriller

Top news for gay flicks fans

KINS, San Francisco, September 10, 2008 -- It's the news gay flicks fans have waited years to hear. Pink Flamingo Pictures and Urban Streaker Productions present a Tommy Lee Castro Film, a hot, gay, sci-fi action-thriller starring your two favorite, hottest, hunkiest Hollywood heroes.

MARTIAN BOYS ARE EASY will shoot in Death Valley (a red desert location doubling for Olympus Mons and various other parts of the Red Planet), in this epic gay movie featuring space battles, gun fights, hot bods, fast cars, bare butts, full-frontals and huge explosions.

Director Tommy Lee Castro is delighted to have signed the two performers who have have uplifted gay audiences for years. Biff Clooney and Billy Bob Pitt III signed last night, at a pre-launch party in JoJo Bazooka's, the famous 24/7 strip club in Vegas, where Castro was subsequently reportedly dancing naked on a table with Clooney and Pitt

In the last five years, Biff Clooney has starred in such thrilling gay epics as BLACK LEATHER AND A FEW HARD MEN, and F**KING IN THE FAST LANE, while Billy Bob Pitt III wowed audiences in BOTTOMS UP IN ACAPULCO, and the award-winning "Martin Shortfuse mystery," THE CUCUMBER VANISHES.

Expect MARTIAN BOYS ARE EASY for the summer of 2009, with CG effects by Industrial Lighthouse Mouses, and an epic musical score by Harold H. Zimmer Jr., and K Ernest Williams.

Expect Clooney and Pitt for beers at Big Dick Cannon's BBQ Smokehouse on the evening of September 13 ... all welcome, but BYO boyfriends, entertainment not provided (conditions apply.)

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