Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CreateSpace: cheers, and thanks!

A quick post this morning, because it's (!) Keegan's Day Off, and I plan to make the most of it. It's glorious weather, and there's a national park calling.

Speaking of which, I'm delighted to say that a lot of my photos will soon be appearing on another website/blog, which is being floated at this time by Jade and Dave. It's a "travels in South Australia" blog, and has the potential to be really something. I'll be linking to it when it has all its oars in the water.

The other thing I should also note is that AriciaG -- one of my "proofies" -- is finally getting a blog up and running. The subject is gay books, and if AG can just find the time and application to keep the bloody thing updated, it's got the makings of a very good one. Once again, I'll be linking to that one ... when there's something to link to. Right now I'm rather envious: AG had the presence of mind (audacity?) to want a blog that looked vastly different from the boring, boring usual thing at Blogger, and petitioned the gurus at DreamCraft to get in there and do ... something ... to turn a normal, ordinary, yawn-inspiring Blogger blog into something that looks amazing. (The next question is, how the hell is it done, and why can't Keegan have the same amazing stuff? I do believe I'm about to stamp my foot and hold my breath.)

But the big news today is --


If you don't know what in the world MK is on about now, go here:'s taken from the November 19 to December 3, but it's fixed, and we're functional again. The plan is to get at least another 5 books up to before the much-lamented Australian Internet filtering starts ... because, frankly, we're uncertain of being able to publish anything else, or even blog, after it starts --

I've blogged about this at length, and rather than reiterate, I'll link you through top the existing posts. For the full story on this...

So --

Cheers to CreateSpace for getting the problem fixed. Very soon there will be 10 Keegans at;

Jeers to the Australian Labor Party for crippling the Internet in this country;

Cheers to Dave and Jade, and Aricia, for launching new blogs -- and why can't I have some fantastic Blogger design instead of ... this? (And yes, I'd like a little cheese with this whine. I shall pack both in this picnic basket.)

And now, Keegan's Day Off is about to commence.

Ciao for now,

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