Saturday, December 20, 2008

CreateSpace strikes again ... Amazon looks like a mirage

More hiccups at CreateSpace -- with time running out to get titles "up there" at Amazon before the holidays! This time around it's a major snafu in the very first of their 'set up" pages. Before you can even save the project and get a product ID on it, you have to be able to pick, and set, a Category for the book. You pick the Category and "select" it from a massive drop-down menu ...

Guess what's not there, on the Setup Project page? You're right. No Category dropdown. The routine has dropped out completely, meaning, we can't even begin to set up a new project!

Best laid plans of mice, men and whatever --

So, for those people who have been waiting for THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE to be available at since about the time Noah launched the big, fat boat: guys, we're trying. It just ain't easy, and the booboos are absolutely beyond our control.

I'll keep you posted as we go! The novels which find their way to by New Year will be, uh, the ones you can get there. The rest will continue to be available from (That was lucid, wasn't it? And the party season hasn't even started yet.)

Wish us luck! (I'll tell you this much for nothing: the digital novels are starting to look very attractive. I don't have to lay down four figures to reach the point where people can read what I've written; it's a plain, simple upload; it's instantaneous, without all these problems! All readers have to do is endure a few commercials and give me an occasional click on the donation button, for my time and trouble ... it's starting to look like bliss from where I'm sitting. *sigh*)

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy this, while you're here:

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