Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The LORDS OF HARBENDANE ebook: online and open for orders!

Welcome to the launch of the ebook for

The paperback will be available via Amazon.com in the new year, but we're making the ebook available in good time for Christmas. It's a good, solid read, at 350pp, with a glorious color cover by Jade. The text length is around 150,000 words.

Have the first couple of chapters (the first 31pp of the novel) for free:

Caveat: this is a gay (m/m) book, with frank depictions of the relations between adults. Do not order if you're disturbed or offended by gay materials.

The story follows two characters from a chance meeting on a rainy night, to the greatest battlefield of their time. Rogan Dahl and Tris Carlin find themselves caught up in a storm of events, where an accidental encounter turns out to be the pivot-point around which the future revolves. The great fortified city of Althea is known as the living, beating heart of Harbendane ... and the plans have been meticulously drawn for its downfall. The wild, savage tribes of the far north are somehow in league with the cruel, dangerous warlord from Galshorros, leaving Althea almost undefended before massed armies. In the midst of this, Rogan and Tristan are caught up in an illicit love affair that could easily end in the death of one of them.

See the fantasy map, and the full wraparound cover here:
A Tourist's Guide to Harbendane.

Order the ebook ONLY from this blog page at this time! The download is 1.6MB; the ebook is formatted for PC and Mac users. You're downloading a ZIP file which includes a PDF document plus your user license. No password is required to open the PDF, but copying and printing are disabled (in other words, if you lust for a paper copy, just buy the paperback in a few weeks).

 Add to Cart Download from Payloadz ... 100% secure transactions, and only $9.95!

More news and views from Mel Keegan shortly, but for now --


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