Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Judging books by their covers ... Storm Tide heads for Amazon

The next title heading for Amazon.com is STORM TIDE ... and it's having a cover tweak. Since absolute strangers will be viewing these books at Amazon, it's a good thing if at least some element in the cover reflects the book's orientation.

Most readers do tend to judge a book by its cover, at least at the store (online or off) ... which is why you can buy a book (esp. of the SF and fantasy variety) with an absolutely amazing cover, and find that the book behind the cover rates barely a C+ in terms of writing, and it was the cover that sold this dubious effort to you!

So, here's the tweak (click for a larger view; I uploaded it at 900 pixels wide):

The cover concept is identical, but the addition of the torso turns the digital painting of the storm sea scape into something very arty-tarty, very powerful. I'm liking it.

The process of getting a book to Amazon is -- as I've said several times! -- long, slow and laborious. STORM TIDE will be there in January.

And that's a hell of a nice cover. As always, kudos to Jade ... who, I might add, has volunteered to illustrate various digital novels which will be happening in the new year. This is going to be interesting. Stay tuned!


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