Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seasonal miscellany

We're a day ahead of you guys in the north, remember: the dateline. So we're already looking at CHRISTMAS EVE TOMORROW. If it ain't wrapped and under the tree, it won't be landing there. If it ain't bought and in the freezer, it won't be miraculously appearing there. Christmas is going to be all about cooking and eating (probably too much), some very good drinks and company...

The weather is not really cooperating, mind you: http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDS10034.shtml ... 32 with increasing cloud ahead of a cool change. It isn't quite the kind of weather where you jump in the pool. And for those spending Chrissy on the beach, they'll need a windbreaker because the temperature drops 10 degrees, close to the water. For me -- perfect weather. I don't like the heat too much (okay, I'm abnormal. I was also bred and born in a cold region ... the UK).

Locally, the stores are going gang-busters on the one hand, and on the other hand there are glassy-eyed bankers on TV, talking in hushed whispers about the phenomenal amount of debt that's being run up ... as if they expect the retailers to be rescued by massive holiday shopping without the credit cards taking a pasting! Sheesh. The words "get real" leap to mind.

Work continues to get THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE to Amazon in the new year ... work also continues on the coding for the first of the digital novels which will keep me busy in 2009. It's, uh, looking good.

Now, I have to run and do stuff -- Christmas stuff -- that isn't going to get itself done. I'll try to post again later in the day, because four or five people have lately asked me the same question, and I've been promising an answer for three weeks! So --

Ciao for now,

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Anonymous said...

As a temporary past resident of Adelaide also from a cooler climate I can only agree with your sentiments about the weather.

Just wanted to say, having recently discovered your books, thanks for providing some great Christmas (and beyond) reading. Whenever all the Christmas stuff gets too much I expect I shall remember an important appointment with Jarrat and Stoney to help restore some sanity!

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