Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blogus interruptus

A slight interruption to normal services today. This is actually Jade logging in and posting on Mel's behalf, to tell you why MK won't be blogging.

I'm instructed to tell you, it's all about a solid brass carriage lamp set into a wall ... which has left MK looking thoroughly concussed and sounding somewhat less coherent than usual.

The altercation has left a lump the size of an egg, as well as a glazed expression that has been further compounded by a couple of strong painkillers.

MK will be back online tomorrow.

Also, I can tell you that the LEGENDS digital novel should be launching tomorrow. The work that should have completed the upload package this afternoon will be done in the morning, and a newsletter will follow.

Mel did have the opportunity to post to the Digital Kosmos blog before walking into the lamp. Today's post is Mush -- as they say in the movies!

Best wishes to all Mel's readers,

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