Friday, February 20, 2009

POD Publishing: the next generation

Just a quickie second post today. I'd like to pass along the url of a news story that's running right now on the Falls Church News Press:

Anything But Straight: The Future of Gay News

There's a few paragraphs in this story that I could have written myself! Some material pertains specifically to folks like myself, who're blogging in the interests of paying the bills one way or another -- and also, selling books. Do read the whole feature -- it's a quick read, and most interesting!

As a hook, let me give you this, and then exhort you read the rest:
...the continued improvement of E-book technology may save the GLBT publishing industry. On March 29, the legendary Oscar Wilde bookstore will close in Greenwich Village, citing economic trouble. This follows the demise of the famed bookstore Crossroads Market in Dallas.

With few venues to sell books and fewer publishers, it is a tough time for gay authors. While the major retailers have GLBT sections, rarely do these books receive prime shelf space. E-books may be a way to cut out the middleman, save on printing costs and let gay authors sell directly to the reading public.

It's interesting reading. Just yesterday I was talking about the impending ebook technology, and oddly enough, this afternoon I'll be working on documents intended for Kindle and Smashwords. The world seems to be shrinking!

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