Saturday, February 7, 2009

THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE: welcome to the book launch!


Many readers have been following the misadventures of this novel as it battled to make it through the process of publication and debut at Amazon. The fracas has involved javascript snarls (at CreateSpace), harddrive crashes (at my end), mis-shipment from the States, and USPS highjinx, but -- we're there at last.

Click on the cover art to pull up a 1000 pixel wide copy, so clear that you can almost read the cover burb. But don't strain your eyes -- here it is:

There are seasons for peace
and seasons for war.
This is a season for sheer survival.

Rogan Dahl and Tristan Carlin meet by chance on a rainy night, and are soon caught up in the storm of events leading to the greatest battlefield of their time. Their accidental encounter is the pivot-point around which the future revolves, for the great land of Harbendane — and for their own lives.

The fortified city of Althea is treasured as the living, beating heart of Harbendane ... and the plans have been meticulously drawn for its downfall. The wild, savage tribes of the far north are in league with the cruel, ambitious warlord of Galshorros, and Althea lies almost undefended before massed armies.

In the midst of this, Rogan and Tristan are caught up in an illicit love affair that could be death for them both.

The book is a 6" x 9" trade size paperback, of 298pp, with a text of 155,000 words, and in your hands it looks like this:

The next thing you're going to want is to open the book are read part of the novel, and you can do this right here!

Have the first couple of chapters (the first 31pp of the novel) absolutely for free:
Caveat: this is a gay (m/m) book, with frank depictions of the relations between adults. Do not order if you're disturbed or offended by gay materials.

And you'll almost certainly want to consult the map, because this novel covers some distance as well as being as amazingly detailed as you've come to expect from Mel Keegan. So here's the map, to guide your travels:
(The map has been uploaded at 200dpi to do justice to the fine detail -- click on the thumbnail for the large view)

So ... what's it to be? The ebook (as a PDF for PC and Mac, or for the screenreaders), or the paperback, direct from Amazon?

Don't forget that you can combine postage on the new-edition Mel Keegan books when ordering from Amazon. Choose from...

Shipping costs to Australia and New Zealand are a tad bit expensive, so combining postage lets you save considerably. Amazon shipping costs work like this: US$16.04 for the first book, plus US$8.04 for each book thereafter.

Or will it be the ebook? You'll be downloading from Payloadz, and please choose the right PDF for your system -- or opt for Mobipocket, which covers almost everything, from your Blackberry to your Palm Pilot!

PC and Mac readers, choose this version:
 Add to Cart $9.95 -- and identical in every way to the paperback.298pp. (Permissions: no editing, printing, text or image copy/paste.)

Screenreader users (Palm, Pocket PC, iLiad etc.) choose this version:
 Add to Cart US$9.95 -- properly formatted, complete with cover art and map; over 430pp.(Permissions: no editing, printing, text or image copy/paste.)

Get the Stanza version for your iPhone, and the PDB for your Palm Pilot, plus the Mobi version for your Kindle:

US$10.95 for iPhone, Palm Pilot, Kindle, Mobi and more!

Do you need to download wirelessly, to your Kindle? Go for it!


Reader reviews of THE LORDS OF HARBENDANE are solicited for the Mel Keegan OnLine website -- and remember that all reviews submitted go into a draw for a prize: the ebook of your choice, or a custom-built screensaver!

Wishing everyone a Good Read,
Mel Keegan

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