Sunday, February 22, 2009

On this particular Sunday

I'm not actually counting, you understand -- Blogger does that for me. This (drum roll, clash of cymbals) is Post Three Hundred. Really! Three hundred posts ... I've been online since June 20 last year, and this blog has become a serious work -- it really does grieve me to break it up into a couple or several projects, but what has to be, has to be.

Design work is underway in the background right now, and I've made the tough decision to float a blog specifically devoted to writing and publishing. All the old posts on the topic will be appearing there, as they're deleted out of the Google index (to prevent duplicate content penalties). And then the basic background babble of the Mel-o-sphere will be posted to a much more personal blog.

Right now, though, I'm thinking I'll leave the old blog online, with links pointing out to the new pages ... just in case Google ever takes the time and trouble to reconsider the "Kill Keegan" decision which was made four months ago in more rarefied atmosphere than is breathed by the likes of you and me!

Y'know, I would love to know what I did to make them zero me out. I'd almost pay money to know ... almost. Not quite. But you take my meaning.

Work goes on apace. The first titles will be appearing at Amazon Kindle in the coming week, and by the end of the week I hope to have the first titles at Smashwords, too. However --

We just saw the weather forecast, and we'll be back "in the forties" in a few days. Meaning, temperatures up to 110 degrees F will be fairly commonplace. Thank gods we have an a/c unit in the office now! It should make all the difference. There's about five weeks to go, in which the temperature can be utterly disgusting.

Legends has had loads of fresh visitors from ... and again, it's thanks to Aricia. I just don't have the time to do this work -- promotional activities. Wish I did. So, thanks AG: that was inspiration indeed. Incidentally, that's a hell of a good guide, highly recommended if you're looking for free online fiction in many genres.

Speaking of Legends, Chapter Nine's second segment is online:

...and we've added a column to the blog's sidebar. For the sake of interest, Let me paste it over right here:

Enjoy the novel ... download it, save it to whatever device you like to read on -- but don't send the files to your friends. Send them this url:

Remember, the only income MK earns from this novel is generated via the advertising on the site, so it doesn't work if you just email the files. Thanks for your help here. Tell your friends, because the more people are on this page (and reading this bit), the better chance Legends has to reimburse the author ... which will keep more coming along -- massive SF novels like Crystal Genesis and fantasies like Blood and Fire.

There's several ways you can support this project. Obviously, you can donate $1 with a click on the PayPal button below. You can also notice the Google ads, in the event that you're looking for something and Ma Goog can actually help -- it's far from impossible for The Goog to render assistance, and the author isn't left out of the commercial loop! Then, at the foot of this page you'll find some very good offers and deals on goods and services which we've test-driven thoroughly: no junk here; you might just find something you've been needing. Scroll down for a look.

Lastly, consider the Amazon connection. You might not realize this, but if you're shopping for anything -- music CDs, jumpdrive, camera, anything! -- if you enter Amazon from this page and strike out from there on your own, a small percentage of the shopping you were already intending to do comes to MK as a "referrer's fee." Next time you're shopping Amazon for anything, simply start from any button on this page, and you're automatically supporting this project! Easy.

I have a strong feeling that the Amazon connection could easily be the best way to get Legends (or for that matter, any digital novel) to be lucrative enough to be indispensable. Everyone shops Amazon sooner or later. DVDs, music, books, MP3 downloads, loads of stuff. Do you know, you can get your groceries on Amazon these days! Is that weird, or what? And you see how it works: start shopping on Legends, depart from the button you originally clicked, go get whatever you were wanting, but the referral fee goes to the originating click. Brilliant.

(The only thing I don't like about Amazon is the fact the cookie they set is only a 24 hour cookie. Meaning, if the customer doesn't close the deal inside that time -- the cookie expires and Amazon don't have to pay nobody nothing for the referral fee. Maybe they'll be changing this in future???)

So ends Sunday in Keegan Country ... and Post Three Hundred!


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