Monday, February 23, 2009

To Keegan's amazement --

I'm impressed, and that's no exaggeration. In fact, the word is gobsmacked. I had an email, inviting me to follow a link and check something out: Aricia's Gay Book Shoppe.

Are you ready for this? Apparently it took about an hour to put this together, with about 130 hand-picked books, from mine to Josh Lanyon, Ann Rice, Storm, Constantine, Gordon Merrick and what I'd call a fairly an enormous range:

There's about fifteen pages like the above, complete with shopping cart, wish list, reviews, the works ... an hour's work? Like I said, I'm impressed. The only thing I'd want the store to do, that it doesn't do (yet?) is search. I think it's supposed to, but right now it doesn't, you have to page through it. (Gee, the hardship of having to click that Next >> button...)

Anyway -- there you have it. AG's very own bookstore, slapped together in sixty minutes.


My own labors today have been less satisfying. I wasted a good hour, probably closer to two, trying to get Blogger to do what it's supposed to do. You know those posts that are collapsed, with 90% of the content "hidden" and a "read more..." button which expands the post out? It's supposed to be as easy as 1-2-3 at Blogger, but after a loooong time spent trying to get it to work I quit and spent the next few hours trying to catch up with myself.

That function just will -- not -- work, with is a major inconvenience. I'd been intended to hide the more sensual posts at Legends behind a caveat and a "read more" button, but someone smarter than me (or more code savvy) will have to figure this one out.

In the short term, I used the old, old old solution. Right before the steamy stuff got going, I put up this:

[Note: this chapter is about to fog up your reading glasses.
The following text involves sensuality of the male persuasion.
If you will be offended, simply refrain from scrolling down
past the illustration, and exit this page!]

...which is the caveat, plus one of the pieces of digital art which Jade produced a few weeks ago for the project. Good enough.

Incidentally, Chapter Nine is in full swing: I do believe this is the bit you've been waiting for! It'll run over the space of a few days ... and is worth waiting for.

The good news is that Legends is flying along now. I'm seeing traffic on the site that's surprising me, even though I'd had high hopes. If people will just get the message about supporting the project via the advertising, we're in business, big time.

Ciao for now,


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