Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday 13th in the Event Free Zone

Friday 13th. Really. We're a day ahead, on this side of the dateline, but if you check the calendar you'll see that, sure enough -- February has a Friday 13th in it. (It also has two R's, a fact which is overlooked by a great many people: Feb-you-airy. Cute.)

Well ... it's a flat-calm day in which the most riveting thing in the Mel-o-Sphere is the research work going on behind the scenes, setting us up for MK's debut on Kindle (which is, of course, Amazon's proprietorial ebook technology).

Now, Kindle is an interesting beast, for writers in CNA countries (Countries Not America), because the gadget only works in the continental USA. It doesn't even work in Alaska and Hawaii, as far as I know, because the wireless network which underpins it is only available in the continental USA.

So, for writers like myself, Kindle is something of a "pig in a poke" ... I've never seen one, nor held one; am unlikely to ever own one, because they don't work down here; yet from pigs -- in or out of pokes! -- come pork chops, bacon, triple-smoked ham, VOM pies, burgers, kabanas, sausages, burritos and chimichangas, polynesian pork and pineapple, and ... on on.

I'd be nuts to not take the Kindle option, just because the device won't work here, because 90% of my readers have always been in the States. So we're looking at the "how" of it (how you get books there as ebooks), and we'll be announcing in the next week or two that Keegan on Kindle is happening.

This is how it seems to work: we convert the basic documents to HTML (via something like Front Page?? This, I'll leave to Jade, and she's welcome to it) and upload them to Amazon. On the other end, they're then converted to the proprietorial file format (is it AMW?) which can only be read on registered Kindle machines. Then Amazon lists the books at $9.95, of which MK will get something like US$3.42, part of which will be kicked back to DreamCraft for their work, part of which will be invested in (more) advertising.

So if you're a Kindle user, look for Mel Keegan in the Amazon listings there very soon.

Little else is happening, so I'll pass you across to today's other posts:

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