Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get your free online gay novels here --!!

Get your free online gay novels here --!!

Say, what?!

Seriously. The newsletter is going out as I type this, and LEGENDS is, uh, launched. From this point on, it's "out there and cooking" and I'll be updating it daily ... kind of a new "episode" each time you log on. So far, I can tell you that traffic on the novel is extremely promising. Fingers are crossed here.

Certainly, the parameters "free online gay novels" is a search parameter that brings quite a number of people to my pages -- even though I haven't started giving the damned things away until today. So ... let's see:

At this moment I've left the "let search engines find it" set to yes. It's difficult to know how in the world anyone would find this blog by searching on any parameter ... I have no idea, none at all, how Google indexes blogs these days. "Keyword rich posts" ain't the key to it anymore; and they utterly ignore the post titles, just as they ignore the labels. I think it must be some kind of algorithm that weighs and measures a combination of values on all of these, and then adds something like a "backlink analyzer," from which the 'bot can construe what the site might be about...

In other words, I'm clueless -- and if the pundits told you the truth, we all are.

Had an email this morning from someone fishing for business ... not quite a spam, but close to it; and it was interesting enough for me to stop and give the man a full 47 seconds of my time. According to his group of analysts, Google Adsense has been going due south for months now, maybe as much as a year, and as per finding the best, most appropriate pages via search engine --

Sounds of raucous laughter issued in response to that question. A couple of months ago I blogged about this. I actually joined a group about 11 months ago with the intention of teaching myself marketing; and I learned a lot. However, I was one of about 150,000 people who, over the space of the last five years or so, have gone through the same cookie-cutter process for a fee of about three hundred dollars (and that's dirt cheap by comparison with the thousands it costs to have a marketing company do the work for you). Apparently, over 100,000 of those people "got it right" and won out over the search engines...

Yo. Wait a second. Hold the phone, boys. If this one company churned out over a hundred thousand people who all know how to win on Google, there have to be several million of us worldwide who know how to win. Here's the problem with this (and it's a Mount Everest of a problem!) ... there are only so many niche markets, and if you divide, say, 50,000 niche markets into maybe even "just" three million people who know the stuff it takes to win on Google --

That's 60 A-1 winners in every microscopic niche.

That's SIX PAGES of Google results...

But the average web surfer only looks at Page One. A teeny fraction of surfers look at Page 2.

So what you have here is Russian Roulette, where 60 of us Got It Right, but only one in six of us can make Page One. The rest are going to be invisible.

And this is exactly what you see happening in the stormy weather patterns that form up and swirl around Google.

About a year ago, knowledgeable people were saying, "The day of search engines is over. Social networking is the way of the future." And some of us (yeah, me too) said, "Nah, that can't be right." Well ... on second thoughts --!

So: social networking it is. The Keegan Master Marketing Plan (KMMP for short) for 2009 is to get plugged into everything you can plug into. It starts with giving away review copies, writing and issuing press releases, and publishing a digital novel where everyone is invited with the single proviso: don't share the files, send the url, get your mates on board!

Marketing gurus swear up and down that "if you take care of the traffic, the monetization will take care of itself." Okay. Let's take that for a whirl ... because I have a lifelong dream of giving up the day job (before they forcibly retire me) and writing full time.

Ciao for now -- and enjoy LEGENDS,

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