Tuesday, February 17, 2009

They love you, Philip Morris ... they just won't distribute you!

Some things never change, do they? Like the apparent belief that the US public isn't ready for a gay movie in the mainstream, even if it does star names like Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey.

A news story landed on my desk yesterday -- mind you, it dates from the end of January, so it's a couple of weeks old already and one sincerely hopes that it's OBSOLETE by now!

The gist of the story was that I Love You Philip Morris hasn't secured a distributor for the continental US after Sundance. Which is just about enough to make you haul off and scream. Nostrakeeganus, he predicting that Philip Morris will do very nicely in Europe, including the UK, and maybe in Japan; but in the States, Canada, Australia...? Forget it. It'll be lucky to play the art houses here -- though it will probably do phenomenal business on DVD.

Well ... shoot. Makes you wonder if we're making any progress at all, what with this happening to Philip Morris, and the brewhaha over Internet filtering in this country, and the Prop 8 fiasco. *sigh* I have to admit, I was hoping (and actually believing) that Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey could beat the system.

Back home in the Mel-o-Sphere, things are happening, albeit slowly. We're working up to the Kindle issues, and I'd like to do a press release: Keegan on your Phone. Look out for this in the next couple of weeks. Also, Legends is steaming along -- Chapter Seven is up today. And I'm delighted to report that the Digital Kosmos photoblog is doing fine, winning Google searches from every corner of the globe. There are times when the traffic on DK is double the number that touches down on this here blog --

Which leads me to the conclusion ... it's time to effectively shut this blog down and start another ... Google never did address the question of my page ranking. It's still utterly impossible for me to win a Google search in the USA, where 90% of anyone's visitors come from. I can win them in Nepal, and Cameroon, and Lithuania, but not in Los Angeles or New York or Chicago. I have almost 300 posts online at this time, of which about 20 are being accessed with any regularity. The rest are buried, and have been buried for about three months. Gak.

So: MK is about to concede! TKO to The Big G. Now, let's bounce back and see if we can get this show back up on its wheels and rolling, by floating a new blog, deleting this one from the Google index, and importing existing posts to the new template, where they will be spidered and indexed and ... visited. Which was the whole point of writing them.

Anyway -- that's the plan. You know me by now: I get there in the end, but things can (and do) tend to move sloooowly, or at least less quickly than I'd have liked.

Here's a nice piece of news, though: The Lords of Harbendane is selling well enough at Amazon for its rankings to be in the hundred-thousands already, and it's only been on sale about ten days. The actual Amazon rank is 191,965 -- in ten days, before the advertising has started!

The important thing there isn't the number, it's the time frame. All books start out with a page ranking over 2,000,000, and you climb if you can, and as you can, from there. The advertising is about to begin for The Lords of Harbendane, and you bet, I shall be watching the Amazon ranking.

More good news for folks who're looking at Create Space as a possible gateway to Amazon: they've redesigned their page -- it loads a hell of a lot faster. Also, they've tightened up their javascript, and the shopping cart is FIXED. It works, and it works fast ... so we're starting the NARC books on the long, hard road to Amazon. They'll be there in April or so.

I'll leave you with a couple of links:

Chapter Seven: The Prophecy is up at Legends,
Home Sweet Home was my post to Digital Kosmos today.

Ciao for now,

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